DBX Mega Thread - Shops, Builds, Hub, Trades


Actually… i think its the middle of the night for most of the player base, so lets put a timer on it instead… auction ends at 6pm utc.

12hrs 50mins remaining.

I hope for your sake no one else reads this and 2c is the highest bid, that would be pretty funny.

Good luck!


3 cents…now what am I bidding on


3c to the man in the black!

Youre bidding on the honour of handing over every item, plot and coin you have in game.

Or 10,000 rock salt. Your choice.


Lol :joy: 10k rock salt that’s a lot of something


Haha… slight overstock at the DBX Superstore.

Figure we’ll have some fun with it and hopefully make someones day.


Proof of purchase.

For the record, we usually sell them at 3c each, so currently a 10,000% discount.


100c for the lot


143c beep beep


Oh were cookin now. Thats nearly 0.015c per rock salt!

10hrs 7mins remaining.


I’ll give you 200 c for it


I pay 400c and then you can keep them!

Am drowning in the stuff :joy:


Sorry, but taking them is part of the deal, cause someone else might have wanted em when they bid. Otherwise 200c is still the highest bid.

6hrs and 48mins remaining


I’ll go 400 and actually take them


Haha… thats fair!


This is now a charity auction, and all proceeds will be going to the ‘buy bruce more yams foundation’.

Dig deep people.


had fingers crossed

I have so so so many of these already but 1000c and I’ll dump 'em a busy hub :slight_smile:


1111c and I’ll make earthyam risotto or whatever food I can make with it :smiley:


I’ll bid 2100c :+1:


2200 from the man in the back


Haha, this is great!