DBX Mega Thread - Shops, Builds, Hub, Trades


The Nixian Trust proudly presents…

[DBX] Dyab0lix [DBX]

We have a lot going on at our little settlement with a heap of exciting new developments in the works, so decided to make 1 thread instead of updating seperate ones for each of the shops. (Shop details below).

Located on the picturesque planet of Sorissi, Dyab0lix is the illegitimate love child of The Nixian Trust guild, designed to bring the community together with one of the biggest portal hubs on US East Servers, shops for everything and anything you could want, and plenty of great decorative builds to explore until your eyes are sore (no eyesores).

We’re always welcoming new settlers, so feel free to set up near by. Or just drop past and try tag MrNix with a grapple. Rumor has it he drops random loot if you hit him.

How to find us is a story of its own, which ill do in the next post. For now, have a few pics of some of the deco builds.

Looking for gem hammers

Where to find us…

As mentioned DBX is home to one of the biggest portal hubs on US East Servers, with portals available in all shapes and sizes. Or let us know if youd like a custom one…


  • Ultima Hub HQ (ground/green floor)
  • Portal Seekers Bittula (City Portal)
  • Aquatopian Embassy Hub
  • Legendville Hub
  • Gyosha Mall hub
  • Legendville Mall
  • P.U.R.E T6 Network
  • Fantasy Tree
  • The All Block Shop
  • Little Japan
  • Heuston
  • Bayside hub (kindred bay)
  • Ultima Gateway Sorrisi
  • Kaos Valley Market
  • Feelzgood
  • Coal, Fuel & Metals Shop
  • Duskmoor
  • Infinity City
  • Mom & Pops
  • Mt Illuminaughty
  • Corruption
  • The Witches Brew
  • Lost Oasis
  • Hubbit Network Raxxa
  • Aprilawesome Land
  • Team Burnt Pizza
  • Liszy’s Siedlung
  • Quebec
  • Leviathan Hub
  • Lantern Gardens
  • Kindred Bay
  • Nixia
  • The Floating City
  • Elysian Fields

If you’d like to be added to this list, just grab a free token from the hub. Ordered by portal size (except PS cause its easy for others to find), so if you want your name first grab a bigger one.



DBX Superstore
Buying and selling pretty much every base item , and much more. 150 stands, 100 request baskets (recoined daily).


Stocking the most INCREDIBLE forged tools the game has to offer… when ‘good enough’ isnt good enough.

Nixian Emporium
Food, brews, and centre for guild trade arrangements.

Kaos Cafe
Delicious treats for gourmet oorts. 75 stands stocking pretty much every consumable in the game.

More shops coming soon, and space available for anyone interested in setting up a shop around the hub.


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You guys have been busy keep up the awesome builds.


Thanks Orrian!

Also, if anyone wants to do trade deals, just let uni3k, BruceBanner or me know. We can get you a vault and agree on exchange rates for items. This can be in coin or any base (item) you prefer. Such as [T6 hammer = 1400 iron] & [glow/loot/changer gem chisel = 500 iron] & …etc. Vaults permissions are on mutual agreement for safety. And a much larger Bank is in the works.


Further, if you simply want to exchange for coin, all vaults come with a coinbox. If you prefer, we can sell your items for you for a small fee. … And perhaps save you hours of hunting for request baskets.



They grow up so fast :sob:


You have two at feelzgood


Do we have a sign wrong? I just did a lap of the hub to write these all down.


Im thinking you might be meaning the ultima gateway, which is just outside of feelzgood.


----[ DBX Hub Update ]----

Couple new portals opened up at Infinity City and Aquatopian Embassy. Check out the new and improved Aqua Embassy Hub if you havent seen it. So much work happening there and it looks amazing!


Yeah was talking about the ultima sorissi portal. Which is near the feelzgood portal


Good good, just thought id check i didnt mix anything up. Theyre both on the list so you guys get twice the love!


Yes we do and thank you for that


----[ INCREDIBLE:FORGE Update ]-----

The finest quirk and defect free T6 hammers now starting from just 11000c.

Also added:

  • The INCREDIBLE “Nix T6” range of extra damage T6 hammers (maybe well just call em T7/8), for anyone who doesnt quite have that full miner spec and needs a little more oomph to 1 shot things.

  • Level 3 healing bombs. Heal, cleanse, and restore stamina.

  • And gem changer chisels/loot wands.

…With much more of everything on the way.

Will also be restocking all the T1-3 shovels and axes over the next few hours. Whole stock was cleared out in less than 48 hours, with multiple messages asking for more. So dont worry, we hear you, and will keep em coming!


KAOS CAFE has just opened up at DBX!!!

Amazing new shop stocking a full range of delicious cooked treats for all you gourmet oorts. With a full range of brews to wash it all down.

75 stands stocking pretty much every consumable in the game, as well as a heap of request baskets to trade in your unwanted items, so you can buy more delicious goodies.

Also check out Kaos Valley Market via the portal at the back for a HUGE range of items at insane prices!


Lets see how many people are reading this thread…

Flash auction on 10,000 rock salt. Bidding starts at 1c.

And I mean 1c for all of them, not 1c each.



I’ll double it! 2c!


Going once at 2c!