DBX Mega Thread - Shops, Builds, Hub, Trades


Did you win them Mix?


I cant see exact timing, but 3hrs ago looks about right to me (im in Aus, was 4am here).

SOLD to Mr Mix up the back for 2200!

I’ll be at work for the next 10 hours or so but will arrange a time to get them to you asap. Or just swing by DBX and throw things at anyone with a TNT tag and they should be able to help.

Thanks for playing all. Will have more random giveaways and specials soon!.


Hurrah! I’m in Aus too (no I wasn’t waiting up for it) I will be around in about 11 hours, so I will visit DBX then.

Now to go look up what I can use rock salt for…


DBX is closing. Thanks for everything!


What!?!?!?! Why?


You can’t be serious!
The incredible forge shop has got literally the best stuff I have seen in the game! Those hammers and bows are insane…please tell me this isn’t permanent?
Is it because of free home warps?


No way!! We have stop this. We need to boycott the fee warp home. It’s going to ruin the footfall.


Huh? What!? NOO



Lies lies :wink:


I do not think it will. if you use the portal to get there they get footfall. It took 24 hours for them to get footfall again and in fact the person using it again went into the total player count so they might actually have reduced the footfall from the next player to come in (assuming I am understanding this new system). Stores only got the footfall from them going in so no difference there. I think the change will have a minimal effect on portal hubs and stores. It might increase some traffic as even if it takes me 30 minutes to get someplace, it only takes me a few seconds to get back home so I save time. Maybe I will travel farther and see more places and create more footfall.


Say it isn’t so?!?!? I love this place!:sob:


I also think I’ll travel more because of the change - plus, it will free up a lot of saved location spots that I can now use for interesting things rather than saving portals and even backup portals as insurance on far planets so I don’t spend a fortune warping home. Like on Serp, have three places saved to be safe, so I could spend 100 warping to one of them then making my way home.

I’m very sorry about DBX though. :frowning: That is the first place I set up a portal to.


DBX why you closing?


Its very true unfortunately… already started dismantling about 2000 plots and 1.5mil prestige.

Will probably take a few days to tear it all down, so swing past if you want one last look for old times sake. Shop stock is still there, for now.


But why? What happened??

Honestly, I do hope it’s not because of the lower prices everywhere since it kinda looks like you will lose me as a competitor soon anyways…


speak to us, Aenea…what’s going on…


This thread is for DBX and uni3k, not me, tho I can say it’s health related…

More about me: Official New Leyden Market and New Leyden Mega Thread


Sorry to hear that Aenea…positive vibes coming your way.
If you need us the nixian trust TNT to help with anything in game please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hope everything is ok Aenea. As above, anything we can do just let us know.


And i think our dramatically vauge close down messaging has gone on long enough. Its great to see all the support for our little operation, and im really happy you have all enjoyed it.

And that is why DBX is closing. Due to popular demand we have decided to ramp it up quite a few notches, and combine a few of our settlements into one EPIC new place.

Bigger shops, more shops, bigger hub, a bank, a museum, trade centre, and a heap of other exciting new developments im not going to spoil yet.

We’re still working hard getting it built, but all will be revealed soon!