DBX Mega Thread - Shops, Builds, Hub, Trades


Still going to be on sorissi?


Nope… but thats all im saying for now


But its still business as usual at DBX, until its not.

To welcome all our new friends, i just put another 200k in all the request baskets.

Come by and make some coin!




We wont be far away… from anything :expressionless:


sad to see DBX go but it will be back better than ever


Hello hungry Oortians!

Even though we are moving soon DBX superstore is still running so please stop buy and sell us your stuff!
60k in the Oort basket buying @ 160c
Plenty of other stocked stands and baskets!


Also a teaser of the new hub!


Is that mcrib?


I was thinkin it’s raxxa


I just know Sorissi with be short a citizen…


All will be revealed soon!
Still under construction


If we find it first …do we win a prize? Haha😊


Wanted to add this in…this is from DBX Sorissi.


Looks like Circarpous I!


Pretty sure Uni3k will rebuild a monster version of it…watch this space


I will try… but i can also say the builds at the new place are already better. So impressed with what the teams done already and cant wait to show it off.


Nice! :slight_smile: Will you all keep a portal to the new hub open at the old one? I’d like to keep mine going, but I really can’t afford to keep a larger portal going if this one is far away. Thanks!


We’ll be closing the DBX hub sorry, but ill send you a msg when its happening and see what we can do to help.


Thanks! Actually, what I could do is, if somebody else on Alder or Sorissi has a hub that they know they’ll be linking to the new one and has 1X2s for grabs as well, let me know. I’ll just swap it over, result would be the same, just an extra jump.