Dear Axon

We want no parts of your road network, no parts of your plot war garbage just frankly no parts of you at all, if you would kindly move your mass of empty plots away from our borders that would be appreciated, take your gobble up builds road elsewhere its not wanted in these parts it has been reported, it will continue to be reported endlessly until @james does something about it.

Hearth Guard


My guild co-owner and I do not appreciate what has happened here. If one looks at the boundaries of the plotting that has taken place, it’s quite obvious what’s going on. To my knowledge, these are new plots, right in the middle between our two areas-an area I was planning on finishing plotting. I busted my ■■■ working on a second shop area and scouted prior to starting the project. This is ridiculous. I’m so angry I logged out.

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@AeneaGames wanted your proof here it is double standard lets see if it applies nothing but empty plots with no build trolling and surrounding us.

Good luck, axon usually gets what it wants.
Being a top tier backer gets you special rights.


Yeah well that ends here, preferential treatment will be displayed on stream to the masses if it is allowed to proceed all i have to say on the subject, every player should be treated equally and if a dev cant do that they should quit.


You do realize top tier backers are somewhere near 15 grand … it should not have been allowed for a player to have ownership like that.
But hey if you own the devs do what you want.


I dont care if they spent millions, they are a PLAYER, and agree to the same rules we all do when we play.


Maybe so, but what happened to common courtesy? I never plot up against people. It’s just wrong. And they obviously saw I was building a second area.

show me the backer entitlement that allows you to go around trolling people with no consequences?


I agree %100 bittula is wrecked because of the half built axon builds that are cluttering it everywhere. Even the unofficial axon builds that are made on different accounts to look un associated…


Well we at Hearth Guard aren’t going to roll over and take it, sick of this garbage its been going on for a long time the devs are complicit in the situation and this blight of axon needs to end, if they are so special give them their own planet but kick them off the public ones for everyones sake.


4500euros was the Oortian backer. And there was actually a couple of groups that went in on those. I believe the actual amount of people who bought one just for themselves is actually pretty low.


You could also move your plots blocking me in on your alt.

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who are you referring to?

I’d post my player’s union discord but I may get flagged again

none of us at Hearth Guard are blocking anyones plots to my knowledge and if this has occurred it was be accident and will be remedied immediately.

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Oh my message is for Axon. I am on your side. Dont worry.

I am Iconicsberg, which is being held ransom by the planet’s dictator.


Yeah join the club then


…but plot buffers prevent this…oh wait… :wink:
Welcome to Plot Wars.


Ill give a week and if nothing is done about it I will go public about the entire situation on stream and in a series of videos not just about our build it isnt even about us being affected its about the behavior in general and how its been allowed to persist I mean seriously how is what axon doing healthy for the games population?