Death by signs! And stairs... and Walls & edges



Talked with @james, told me to write a report here to document it :smiley: So here we go…

Speed brew is such a lovely thing… except it really makes you live your life dangerously when running through towns / Malls…

These damages are some, but certainly have seen larger impacts from it all.



Stairs and flat signs should def not be causing damage!

But the rest, um, maybe just don’t run into things? :grin:


but but… you will find signs on the floors all over in towns :-p and in shops

I have lost count on how many times I have died in a mall or town :smiley:

Somewhat expecting an achievement unlock soon with “Don’t Drink & Run!”


Sorry, just edited!


Impact damage needs to be dialed back significantly. We’ve been asking for it for a very long time, and there has been no developer word on it apart from “lol it’s realistic tho”. Good luck, my friend. We must continue being vocal about things that make the game less fun for no reason.


Speed brew!!!


But those sharp edges.

It will probably take me a long time to find. But I’m pretty positive they said it was something they were looking into. But it’s one of those comments in a random post. So it’ll be almost impossible to find. Also I believe this is one of those back burner things since it’s not game breaking and technically working as intended. There’s more important things to “fix” and/or release


And by open floor areas in high in the sky towns! ! ! I have so far been lucky not to fall through those open holes, but am very careful in builds that are high above the ground.

I wish the cities, towns, malls and shop owners would put up something to block you from stepping in to see what is there and find out they didn’t fill the floor in. Or the city hasn’t finished laying out the glass road and you go running down it to check out those new builds and go falling to your death!

My biggest injuries, but I don’t drink the brews that get you going fast, are the holes in the ground or sudden drop on a cliff that you can’t see because of the grass, shrubs or trees and you go flying over the edge or down a deep, deep hole and land in lava!

And agree, the injury should not be so high. If you are running for your life from elemental spitters you don’t have time to slow down and have to take a chance on dying from the critter or from a fall into a lava pit, over a cliff or down a deep hole.

Can be a bit of a shock where you respawn at though; fell through a area that was being remodeled at the old Ultima hub and died. Respawned at the top of the that really tall black tower and was on the edge and almost fell to my death when I turned around and saw where I was at. Two grapples and a minute later I was safe on the ground; but was not happy to have spawned high up there when there was perfectly safe ground all around.


Also, digging straight down only a few blocks with the bouncy feet quirk will cause you to yo-yo up and down doing serious damage quickly.


Did you also increased your Agility Bonus in addition to taking some of the Fast Brews?


Hi, I have agility maxed =)



Completely useless here, but that’s the funniest thing since I found out you can suicide yourself into a wall with a grapple lol


Thanks for the reply. I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far, but you still have the videos showing the issues in action, so I’ll add these to the bug database.


that is when you relise it before getting to wall ? like you charge yourself like a canon in to a wall ?


Stubbing your toe or running up/down stairs at over 15m/s would surely cause injury!

Also now that I think about it, minor fall damage from ~8m height is not so bad. The bad part is probably the fact that we don’t die from a 200m fall!