Death toll

What should the punishment for dying be?

As taken from the old forum:

Proposed punishments

  • Armor damage
  • Debuffs
  • Money loss
  • XP loss
  • Dropping full inventory
  • Dropping part of inventory
  • Waiting a period of time before re spawn

Important points

  • A too low death toll would make the players not fear death
  • A too high death toll would scare away the weaker or more casual players
  • A too low death toll would make PvP unporitable

Propositions of solutions

A lot of different solutions has been proposed so i am keeping to the more popular.

  • Make world with different kinds of death toll
  • Spawn worlds have very small ones while daily worlds have a very harsh death toll
  • Allowing people to “lock” item so they cannot drop them
  • This has very varying strength depending on the person who proposed it going from a single tool/weapon to a tool + a weapon + armor + a few items.
  • Varying the drop depending on who/what you are fighting with
  • Fx fighting against a Titan would ad serious debuffs that would hinder you from interring the fight again.

I think i have covered most of the topic but if anyone know something i forgot please add it to the thread :slight_smile:

A topic discussing a possible solution can be found here:

i still have the same opinion

keep your tools and equipment, and drop all mats + all of your gold, so anybody can loot your corpse for it, that way you would encourage making a house where you could store your items and gold, and you would actually have to think about the consequences having too much gold on you can have.

also if you had been out farming for mats then you are more careful since you dont want to fall to your death (like i always do)

but on the other side it would actually make Dark/bandit guilds worthwhile when you are playing on pvp servers.

You should drop your whole inventory at death but be able to craft/find charms/relicts that save some of your items. Or maybe a system to make bound tools that consume a rare material (maybe souls) at death. When you die without that material you drop that tool too

Well the idea of loking some inventory spots its pretty good, but i think you should be able to lock only 2 or at max 4, just for making pvp intresting, debuffs are not needed, and the waiting time its a bit bad (unless its just 1 or 2 min)

With the 2 item locked -> Weapon/axe
4 item locked -> Weapon1/Weapon2/tool1/tool2

(that would be my chooses on what to protect XD not necesary all people chooses)

I personally like the good ol’ drop all your inventory upon death. Which is in my opinion a pretty good reason not to die. It punishes death but also presents the danger that someone else can pick up your items. Which is enough punishment in itself… But thats just my opinion.

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Oh i forgot to mention one of the points, as this is an MMORPG there is probably going to be some items that takes weeks to get hold of which contains insanely rare materials. Loosing those is quite a lot more extreme than minecrafts diamond armor which can be replaced after an hour of work.

thats why I suggested the bound system :smiley: You would ‘just’ have to bind it to you with souls (or something else hard to get) and you wouldn’t drop it at death

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I agree that the death should be punished by dropping all the inventory buy it should be confined in to a sack containing all the loot and not like in Minecraft where everything is spattered.

again. losing all of your mats and gold. it would suck if you had used 2 weeks on getting mats and making a sword and you lose it all, then you have to start all over which would be waaay too hardcore.

When fighting a titan you could just store all your mats before the fight. Dying wouldn’t be a big problem anymore :confused: I think my binding/artefact system is pretty good :slight_smile:

no there would be specific things. this is for generally walking around normally, you would lose anything you picked up that wasnt equipment and tools.

for fighting titans i think they should make a bubble. you cannot leave that bubble you either kill it or you die, when you get killed by a titan you cannot fight it again for 24 hours. that would also make a massive hold and make people think twice instead of just facerolling it.

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that would work :smiley: I agree with you

A bubble sounds like an instance!?

it was to avoid instancing, instance is when you leave the server to fight somewhere lese. the idea here would be that a bubble would go out from the titan, inside there can be 10 people. if there are 15 people it will push out the other 5. and noone cant enter nor leave the bubble during the fight

Being a more casual player myself I’ve never been a huge fan of the PvP theme in some games mostly because I’m always killed right away because I prefer spending my time and effort exploring and collecting rather than beefing myself up. Being this kind of player PvP makes games a bit undesirable to me mostly because a lot of players will get upgrades and many will focus their time Hunting other players (which I’ve been subject to countless times in other games, hence my distaste for PvP)
So my proposition is having something where a player can turn off PvP (or have a few worlds where the PvP mechanic doesn’t exist) so that way players can’t kill you and you can not kill other players.
That way more casual players like myself can enjoy the exploration and monster fighting of the game without worrying about being stabbed in the back.

they will cater to both. i imagine they will split the worlds into 2. pvp and pve worlds.

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There was talk about only making daily and weekly worlds PvP :slight_smile:

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I hope so, I’m all for the risk of dying but I’d prefer it to be to a monster/creature than another player.

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That would be pretty cool.

I really like the thought of having the death toll be different on each world. That would make it possible to have worlds for different purposes.