Decoration builder app to import into the game + pointless poll



app would be alot like the pixel builder app

these colored designs if to complicated can be
mono color if that would make it work better for ingame

this app would then generate a code thats similar to a worldseed in minecraft


this is a default cube (@dulki insert picture here) size 1by1 in-game cube comprised off mini cubes

after crafting this endgame custom cube you can place it our stack it within the dev made restriction
could be one per plot our multiple stacked to create bigger art as a puzzle

EDIT dulki art :


the app generates a binary code off the spots where a minicube is placed our not
so I=cube o=air (then dev compile it in ever smaller code)

the users code for example 2345FS232D

you go to the the “custom cube” you placed into the game and click it you type in the code and voila the binary code creates your design into that spot


this would be an awesome usage off them
a nice way to color the “custom cube” if it would be monocolor if multiple colors are possible we in-bead it into the app code thats generated


this item (@dhulki insert art here) you craft and can then sell it
it can contain a list off 10 codes with custom info

you buy from an art vendor a dog themed code giftbox
you open it and see this
d3dd34ff dog sitting
4fff4hhhh dog painting
4GGG56 dog bowl

EDIT dulki art :


  • yes
  • love it
  • this is next level shizzle
  • i like turtles
  • i will be the art vendor
  • awesome
  • i worry about 3D profanity
  • i hope we can stack them and make bigger stuff
  • do the same with wearables

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I need this people we need do better than 4 votes lol


Oh damn, this is something I’d LOVE to work with. Voxel sculpting is really fun!


I guess I can’t vote as I don’t really understand how it works!

Plus would it even be feasible with the PS4?

Also, there is no option for no!


Even though I would love this it’s very unlikely going to happen without a major overhaul to the game’s engine…

For instance, I proposed (several times I might add, but the new liquids made it much easier to explain) to be able to treat ANY block as a liquid so we could place block A, chisel it, and then place block B like we do with water and lava INSIDE the same block space where block B fills the areas chiseled away.

A dev replied with ‘never going to happen’ due to how the engine works…

Your idea and mine would make the game so much nicer with way more awesome designs! We could do awesome pixel art, huge signs, etc., etc. but, sigh…

We might need to wait for Boundless 2.0…