New mini chisel idea

its a chisel that removes tiny cubes like titanium chisel does but one blocks is divided by 48on48 little cubes
this example would then be 4 normal blocks stacked for example and then minichiseled

when you chisel a block it generates a code
you can use the recreate the chiseled block for sales

i see furniture makers statue makers
lantarns detailed decor
all player made

code gift box design by dhulki

actually not new idea lol just yearly reminder i do lol


It would be nice if they did offer something like this if there was a way to freeze the block so if you picked it up the chiseling would stay. This way you could sell or move the items without having to re chisel it. Maybe use the changing chisel to lock and unlock the block.


there’s a mod in MC that does exactly that. (Chisels and Bits) you can remove or add tiny blocks in 1 block area (16x16x16) combine materials too. then save it as blueprint and place the creation as a block (either specific material or any material (just shape) there’s a bunch of other options, it has its own radial menu

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But does it make tiny versions of the full blocks or it takes tiny bits of the block keeping the texture from the part it came from?

tiny bits of blocks (individual ‘pixels’, as default mc texture is 16x16 px)

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Does this mean storing 4848 new block shapes?


How many bytes is that?


it’s funny because i remeber seeing an old post talking about this. The dev team was asking if people wanted the block to me more granular or keep the same as is it now. People at that time voted for what we have now.

Imagine if we had this type of block it would be amazing to create way more detailed builds. I don’t how much it would need to them to implement that but i guess its a bit too late for that.


I think about 14kb per block, but each mini-block stored as on/off bit. I don’t think shapes are applicable to this concept.

Interesting idea… I think it would feel very limiting to only have one texture per block with that much control over shape per block

A system of micro blocks (mix and match 8,16,32 etc micro-blocks in the same standard block space) would be amazing… esp if you could use the existing chisels on the micro blocks too.

I can’t imagine what kind of rework something like that would take… I guess if you’re going to dream, dream big :rainbow:


that would be genius and allow so much detail work :heart_eyes:

already loved the minecraft mod Chisels & Bits which does the same thing but with the enormous bonus that all materials can be combined

if my idea is super complicated to do a nice alternative would be an offline chiseler thing
and then being able to import the stuff as a item

I really like the idea of micro blocks. Would definitely like to see this in game. But I am with jiivita on this, I would want multiple textures/colors of the micro blocks so I could custom make furniture and items.

Maybe we could have a new machine that opens a menu like the forger. And you can take micro blocks that you chisel out from blocks to build custom shapes with micro blocks of various textures and colore?

That would be awesome

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Micro blocks would be awesome!

48 is probably excessive tho haha

If this was added, i would make a bunch of home art

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and i would buy it from ya
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