Deeper RPG features

Another suggestion along the lines of others i have seen in the past, but I have some thoughts to add so thought id start a new conversation. One of the things I feel is lacking for me in boundless at the moment is a deeper RPG aspect and i had some thoughts on a simple quest system that could be interesting to some.

The idea is that players would be able to create quests, these quests would require getting certain items, and taking these items to quest chests/bins. When you have the right items you can open the chest and receive one of the rewards (coin items etc). For this all that could be neede would be a quest machine, where you can both write out quest details (the rest of this could be written on sighs along the way) and form quest items. Quest items would be items already in game, but given a new name by the quest creator (using the quest machine), and assighned to the quest with a randomly generated number. Once you have created the quests you could hide the quest items and leave a trail for people to complete.

A simple quest built using this would involve for the quest builder to write a short quest overview (found in the quest book where the quest is started) then set the different Tasks that are needed to complete the quest (as well as add some story that can show between each task), assign some items to the quest tasks, and put the quest items in place. While making the tasks you can set a location for the objective to point to, and write what the task is.

For the quest taker, this would involve finding a questbook, reading the book and accepting the quest (the quest would appear in the quest tab of the journal), you can then pin the quest if you want, and when pinned you can set the location marker (only one quest to be pinned at a time). The task of the quest could be ‘Find Daves Magical Sword, Hidden deep within Daves Castle’ the quest marker would lead to the entrance of Daves castle, once you find the sword new information would could be found in the questlog (as the pinned task will tell you) explaining that daves sword has lost its magic, and needs to be charged with a Magically imbued mushroom found on another planet in a wizards cave, etc etc. You would complete the quest by taking all the quest items back to the quest book, and receiver some coin, or a new sword, etc.

Any thoughts?


Personal build lore quests!!! O m g
Halloween/spooky quests!!! Ooo Lala
Santas helper quests!!! Woot
Cookie quests!!! Go out citizen and journey to defeat the bandittrunks and robbing wildstocks and return the Cookie kingdoms special giant cookie to Princess @BabyCookie

So many possibilities however i get the feeling it would take a while to code it. I would wait though. Not with very much patience unfortunately.

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You could have quest items not being able to be sold, traded or equipped, and add new quest plinths (same as shopping but with purple or yellow material) , that would only give one item per person, as well as give more information about the quest this could even remove the extra information in quest log step…

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It may take a while but would bring in allot of people once a nice amount of quests had been setup… people could make quests spanning all their builds, guild quests could be made for entrance into a guild, i would love it so much, i know its pretty mucha pipe dream but i have high hopes for what boundless can become.

Plus they already have most of the content needed, it would be mainly repurposing.

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I 100% agree with the addition of quest features like this. Note, though, that these are RPG features, not MMO features.


Good point, changed the title…