Delete shop scanner

Please delete the shop scanner.

Sure you fund now easy items but this destroy the econme in the game.

Many player tell me the footfall go down and the have no more sales.

The most of the player now Not more exploring for shops, the use now the Shop scanner.

Malls now Not needet.

We need a update there was comming new players.

Whit the last Updates i see more and more Player leave the game :neutral_face:


I just leave this here


I like the shop scanner, it helps me


Shop scanner helps me. Never had a problem with it and no one has told me they were leaving the game over it.

Footfall only is going down on shops with high prices that was getting coin from wasted time while people looked for the item they wanted.

This is an improvement for the shopper.


Malls are still useful I think, I just go to a mall and use shop scanner. Makes it much easier to find things. Saves me a lot of time. I think this encourages malls actually, to limit running


Sorry man but I call total BS on that.
Since the shop scanner update came out, I’ve visited lots of places I never suspected existed. I’ve explored more than ever before.

Before when I needed something, I went to the same places in Ultima City. I was always frustrated when I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Now, before I do that, I check on my own world, and I’m often surprised to find what I’m looking for. I just have to run a bit, but I’m happy to do it if the prices are good.
The most frustrating thing that I experienced while looking for something since the update was when I made the trek to @JaceyLive 's place on Dzassak and found out that it was a floating platform in the sky and the portal to get up there was god-knows-where, but no way to climb from the ground.

Aside from that, I’d say it could be great if devs ( @james ) would add a feature to allow us to specify a color for something we’re looking for. I was looking for Cold Berry Gleam a few days ago, and couldn’t find any with the shop scanner thing. Ended-up coming on the forums to ask for some.

Anyway, I’m sure the small players who have just a little house with 3 shop stands are happy to have customers buying their stuff. I found some shop stands in small houses with no portals because they belonged to players who likely can’t afford to fuel them.

And malls are still very relevant. You come to find something, and you find 100 more things nearby that you might want to buy. That’s the point of malls.

It’s easy to repeat “it destroys the economy in the game” or “the economy is busted” over and over, but could you support the claim with explanations?


For me, it helps explore parts I have never seen beforr. And I only hse it when I want a very specific mat. I can do the rest easy enough. It is handy if used in moderation. If all you do is use it to buy everything, of course it’s going to suck


It’s incorrect. Footfall is being spread out to new places, not the same places over and over again.


Yep, this, I’ve used it in malls and markets to find what I need more easily… and I’m still browsing other places along the way and afterwards. There are some things I’m buying like deco gravel, mosaic, and marble that aren’t in too many places, so this is really helpful for finding more of them… even in places I already knew about, like an Ultima store that had upper floors I was unaware of. :flushed:

I LOVE the scanner also as a seller. I’m cleaning up, bigtime. :slight_smile: Been spending like crazy and still like 124k this morning. I mentioned elsewhere, but having it changed my business plans entirely, I was going to mostly eliminate one store but decided to keep it going as it is on a T1 and now newcomers there can find me more easily.


The shop scanner MUST stay, it improves Boundless millions of times


As a person who strongly dislikes shopping in real life, thus not really enjoying it in game, the shop scanner has been a life saver. :grinning: When I want something, I can find it now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now it just need a few more tweaks, like finding forged items. :thinking:


I’ve actually been buying more resources that I normally wouldn’t buy, just grind/gather/hunt etc usually, but now I can portal to a few different planets and price check and be confident that I’m not being ripped off or wasting my time searching. So far I have only found one shop that has created a footfall trap by burying some stands in the ground and covering them with a sign so you couldn’t access them.


The shop scanner has made travel more efficient and has been a boom for the Boundless economy. What used to take hours and often leave you empty handed now takes 10 minutes and saves you money.


Report it to the developers if you have not.

edit: sorry I should have said please report it to the developers. My response was kinda rude


I tried at the time but I couldn’t find how to do it … I thought it would of been done through the scanner tab but in hindsight I guess I should of just used the default way which to be honest I’ve never used yet. At the time I was jumping to a few planers so I don’t know if I’d be able to find the shop again.

Yeah I guess they want us to use the default method for reporting in game, but to be honest, I do not recall for sure. Probably not through the forums unless you PM James a location so it is not public naming and shaming.


If I come across the place again or anyone doing something similar then I will report it next time.


Shop scanner is not a reason for leaving players, its absence for the past years can be.
Large Malls full of dead shops are nightmare for me to find anything and I heard this also form others.
I would not call going to Malls “exploring”, but still I think Malls are good to have as it is still easier to find the particular shop (with the scanner).

This change of course hurts old overpriced shops, where people were going just because they weren’t able to find better prices.
Welcome to open market situation.


I love the shop scanner.


Any economy in any society will eventually find a way to track pricing. I can see room for improvements to the shop scanner, but price tracking is inevitable and fighting against it in the name of slowing competition by obscuring pricing is ridiculous. The shop scanner is a big improvement over having to rely on tools like boundlesstrade and I assume it will only get better with time. Right off the top of my head, it would be nice to have support for block/plant colors and forge traits in the scanner to allow those goods to be accurately represented in their own markets. Currently though, even lacking these features, the price scanner is bringing life to planetary economies and allowing players to discover smaller builds.