Deluxe Upgrade - Title and Golden Fist

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Hiya …

So I got the deluxe edition thing … and I couldn’t see “The Golden Fist” recipe. So I found this thread, which said:

You have the recipe, but need the right skills and materials to build it

This seemed a bit … not right, I literally just paid for this.

Anyway, I guess my question now is that when this 30 day trial of everything else runs out, will my access to have a Golden Fist, or even a double Golden Fist, in my inventory, still be a thing?

If so, all good, I’ll get there eventually, and love love love. :heart_eyes:
If not, that’s a bit effed up … because how was I supposed to know that you can only buy the deluxe upgrade if you’re some super character?

Anyway, the other question is … how do I apply a special title on this?

As always, any reply is well received … no response is expected, and certainly in no way felt entitled to. You’re all marvlllouss … etc. :slight_smile:


Looks like golden fist only requires Weapon Crafting Level 2 to craft (in addition to owning an edition thst includes it).

Notably, you can craft it forever, even after your gleam club thing ends. You can also buy/sell the crafted fists, meaning that someone who hasn’t bought Deluxe edition can wield the fists if they buy them from someone else who has bought the deluxe edition.

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you’ll be able to make the golden fist forever, the 30 days thing is Gleam club (more of which you can buy at any time, has it’s own perks)

the thing that makes Deluxe worth the money is the 10% plot bonus

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This is all brilliant news. Thanks, Rydralain, sometimes things aren’t clear in game! :laughing:

Ah, thanks, @Apt, does the plot bonus last forever, too?

All brilliant stuff to know.

Now … just got to work out how to access that title.

EDIT - Wicked … had kept a couple of skill points aside on the last level up … so that’s handy! Yep … There it is!

I’ll try to mass produce these, then, if they’re not that common. :slight_smile:


yup. it says ‘A 10% lifetime bonus to your total beacon plot balance’ on Steam
great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter when you buy it, it affects the plots you already have too


I would check B.U.T.T. to see what they are worth before mass producing them, btw.

If I eventually buy Deluxe, it will be for the lifetime plot bonus.



And that retrofit is brilliant, too. :slight_smile: [quote=“Apt, post:5, topic:52249, full:true”]
yup. it says ‘A 10% lifetime bonus to your total beacon plot balance’ on Steam
great thing about it is that it doesn’t matter when you buy it, it affects the plots you already have too

OK, took a look. Totally fine with making it. :slight_smile:

I’m cheap, too.

Why do people sell things for 1,000s of credits when they’re cheap everywhere else?

Sometimes they are on display, sometimes the seller is hopeful the price will go up eventually, sometimes its an old price, sometimes it’s from people who didn’t look at what other people sell for. Idk for these on this one, but that’s normal for most game markets.

In the past shop stands had the largest storage capacity (prior to the storage update) and a lot of people would set a high price on stuff they didn’t want to sell, just store. That was months ago, so it’s most likely people with gleam club (beacons don’t expire with active gleam club) or people who haven’t converted their storage systems. Or some people just want to display items to make locating resources more easily.


it can also be a forged item (‘enchanted’) maybe well worth the coin (neither Butt nor in-game Knowledge tab show forge effects, so if it is unusually expensive but affordable, it is most likely forged)


Great knowledge to have, all, thanks folks. :slight_smile:


I met you on the Brown Town hunt the other night I think! PM me on here and I can try and add you in game at some point if you fancy a new friend on your friend list? You’re asking the same questions that I w asking not that long ago and I’m always happy to help

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Perhaps if we’re both asking the same questions, we could pool that knowledge, and make a school in game for new people. RUN THE GAUNTLET (and learn and level up :wink: )

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