Steam Deluxe golden fist not there?

just got the dlc but the golden fist does not show for me :frowning: do I just have to wait xxx time?

You have the recipe, but need the right skills and materials to build it :slight_smile:

I do :slight_smile:

And it doesnt show up in your workbench?

yea and in Knowledge

Can you make the iron fist?

yea its there

Check your epic 3 skills :wink: tis another weapon upgrade option.

allready done that tryed all 3 still nothing

Hmmmmm… maybe it has to do with the backer package you bought. I remember reading them a long time ago. The higher the package the more extras you recieved. Idk which you have but this could be the problem. If someone else could clarify.


Same boat. Maybe it just takes a while for the servers to recognize you’ve bought it?

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god to know its not just me

Yea I can see that happen’ing

Well… that’s weird! Ok leave it with me, we’ll get a bug report in and investigate why that’s happening.


Just for numbers, I think (Wayfarer) I should see it (if not, don’t mind) but don’t either. Iron Fist is there but not Gold.

hmm, no wyou mention it I cant remember to see it either and I’m a Wayfarer. Have to check when back home tomorrow, but since now I don’t have any memory of it … But while we talk about fists: Is it (or are they) nice? … finally a melee weapon or what can you do with it/them? ^^

I totally missed the update about them ^^

They’re mixed use and mixed usefulness I think. They can damage mobs and blocks alike, and block type seems to make no difference so it’s a useful lazy tool. However, the damage quickly gets quite low - lower than a comparable e.g. iron hammer working the same block or slingbow the same animal - once you face armour. Then the high AP cost (24 per strike) combined with low but useful damage sees me not bothering with it.

It feels like the AP cost needs to come down a bit to put it into useful and out of novelty, outside of easy combat.

I upgraded also, and can’t find the golden fist

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