Demanding client for forged goods

I am talking about myself. :smile:

I am wondering if i am doing something wrong atm because when i forge i like to use the good stuff but it seems i have terrible luck with the perks.
If i want to get eao on a shovel (for example) ill end up using the removal thingy to remove (exactly) the same perk multiple times in a row before I finally get it.
But by the time i almost get the +all im out of points. And have to deconstruct or setting the forged item (shovel).
So not enough gum or is it just bad luck?
Don’t like to forge because i can’t take enough ingredients in to the forge( safeguards :crazy_face:).
So is there some magic hocus pocus needed to get it to do what i want? Or just keep making deconstructtion resins?

How many do you forge at a time? I’m conservative and forge no more than 4 per batch…


I use 2 gums and go for AOE first if it gives something else I deconstruct, start over. After it lands on aoe vigor catylst and move on to the next boon you want and go back to the aoe after you get the other 2. You burn thru a lot of deconstruct but it’s cheaper than the other mats.


I live by this post :slight_smile:
besides the RnG driving me nuts its been giving me good results… hope this helps

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keep it easy, make it simple


Less is more^^ if i do a full batch I burn to much to fast.

Ill add it to^^

So do the points actually go in the boon with the active gum?

Mostly yes. like 90% Im guessing 10% goes in random

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When I forge I put in about 3 tools at a time… Some people have i think done 4 or 5 but knowing my luck I stuck with 3 :slight_smile:

Fate Paste.

I love the stuff, I won’t roll without it.


Full stack or bust.
And yes, thx to @boundmore for the Handy crafting and my forge i managed to get my stack of AOE, Magnet, Solidifier Totems.

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And now I could buy one. How much?

I agree with this. There’s an added chance to things going certain places based on active gums and the like.

There was another thread here Experimenting to test forge boon bias that discussed in more detail the chance and how certain boons fall. It’s pretty interesting.

If it’s too much, you can just buy the forged good from the Golden Fist :slight_smile:

I forge everything 6 at a time. Though I have done 7 but it’s cutting it close on mats. I’ve shown a bunch of people my technique which is apparently different from a lot of people. But I max out at rank 340 never had higher. Not that anything needs to be. Also my forges are pretty cheap on cost. As I don’t use boon transmute normally. (It is way better than boon removal 2 but expensive) I always target 2 boons off the start. 2 special gums 1 lightness or longevity gum. Then I’ll go for damage.

If you really want one sure.
Besevrona 0/0 :slight_smile: