Destroy your shop's competition in 3 easy steps

But Simoyd! What if they fill up page 2 with spam? After spending huge amounts of computing power on loading page 2, we can’t possibly expect to be able to load page 3! It would probably crush the server! And sorting by volume??? Insanity!

I do too and I really hate to see all the negativity over the devs putting us a tool in the game to make shopping better. I can’t help but wonder if some of it is by people that were doing the outside scanning and they are upset over something being put in the game. Whatever it is it would be nice if people would chill out and stop with all “the sky is falling”.


nah I’m happy about this. I’ve really wanted a live universe system built into the game from day 1. But you’re right I did present it in a bit overdramatic way :frowning:



the queries do actually run throttled already; every query gets queued up and each query runs over a period of time (usually 1 frame though as quick enough) before starting the next etc with the shopping-data state frozen (and deltas queued to be applied after the next query completes; and also throttled).

pagination, like extra filtering is largely client side gui work to add support for. though pagination would maybe want some server side changes too as a query for “page 2” would effectively have to generate twice the number of results and then just… cut off the first half before sending to client, there wouldnt be a way to directly start the query at “page 2”


Maybe just adding a simple filter to exclude blacklisted players from displayed results and an option to blacklist right there from the Buy From/Sell To tabs? Too harsh? :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

GUIs are always the annoying part of programming. :wink:

I have never seen a rule book ever…so it’s not really against anything…if u can do it must mean your allowed to a certain degree or it wouldn’t be in the game…but that’s one point of view…

From Wonderstruck:


Plot around my build and we’ll test your theory :rofl:
I’ve never seen the “rule book” that mentions that either, but we all know it’s against the rules.

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I was thinking more about this and rereading the testing thread(s). When you say black listing, you’re referring to an action developers would have to do to hide the baskets from the scanner?

Is it possibly an option to give us an ability if we get to a beacon we believe to be abusing the system that we can just add it to an account wide ignore list? If an account is put on ignore then none of their items would show the scanner for the person that ignored them. Or does the GUI not allow that?

Never seen it before and never seen a official rule book…I would of thought there would of been rules of use in the knowledge tab…don’t worry I am not interested in testing this theory …I think it was more of a post that it is flawed…well that was my u understanding. . I might of misunderstood what simoyd was trying to say

You’re giving away consulting at this point; the vulnerability upsets people obvs.

I am not sure this abuse method worth the time to involve.
Lets say if people who use this method trying to make his /her shop on the list, he needs to sell something valuable like advance power coils, forge tools with 1c on each stand.

Usually those things cost at least 500c+ / unit. It means he needs to provide 16 items for 1c only everyday to keep it going. I don’t feel its worth to do it in long run. At least for other players, we will have 16 free good value items / day. (Not too bad I think XD)

But if they target the items less than 100c, I don’t feel that kind of business will make good profit as well. Usually people don’t spend too much time on items value less than 100c I think.

This basically what I feel, but i haven’t play the econ for long time, maybe I am wrong.

If the seller lock the shop stand, than its easy for devs to solve the problem.
Just make the lock stand won’t show up on the list because players can’t buy anything from locked shop stand anyways.

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How about just make it so only the lowest price stand for the player is displayed? That way one player can’t have 16 different stands with the same item and take up the entire board?


It already works that way. I have a shop with over 2000 of the same item(diff color on ea stand) and only one shows in the top 16.


I think if it’s on a different beacon it shows as a different line item, but multiple shopstands on the same beacon show up as one row.


I didn’t actually know that. OP made it sound otherwise.

The ones I’m encountering seem to be pranks that get you to the location to see a sculpture or something.

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Careful which locks/configuration – I have stuff for sale without needing a plot or stands in that location because there’s a lock that lets me access its adjacent stands as the merchant but others just see the shopper side. My stuff does show up in the Buy From under my store name. It’s a great setup when you want a small low-fuss spot in a large area of same.