DEVS: Forging, could you give us your thoughts?

@Steggs101 ?


We have enough arguments, that’s not what this is for.

I’m curious about your thought process. I’m a PS4 launch player and have not delved into forging at all…and have no immediate plans too. I’m just not powerful enough to get the mats/power to use it. But I do read all the complaints here, so I’d love to know your point of view on a few issues. I’m trying to phrase this in terms of questions, not complaints.

I think the biggest problem on this board seems to be a basic disconnect between the devs and players.

  1. Why do recipes, both forging and otherwise, keep getting more difficult? The player consensus is that the game is too grindy and the recipes too complex or require mats that are too hard to get. So what is the impetus for increasing the difficulty?

  2. RNG. Why? Forging is already the the most difficult thing in the game, why add RNG on top of that?

  3. Spitter eyes and shimmering orbs. Could you share the thought process on these? You need shimmering orbs for everything, yet they are one of the hardest things to drop in the game. You now need spitter eyes for low level forging…I’ve never seen a spitter eye.

  4. Do you consider forging to be an end game mechanic? Or should low-mid level characters be able to take advantage of it?

Any and all opinions and impressions, I hope, will go a long way to helping this conversation.


quack u cant tell me not to respond to this non-sense :smiley:
pls do at least some simple forging before u openly express ur distaste in that. The players consensus is guaranteed not that the game is too grindy, recipes too complex and mats too hard to get. this statement is purely fiction. wasnt there a poll that proofed this?

shimmering orbs are as plenty as the other orbs when u know on which planet u have to look.
And obviously forging is not only end-game. not only that u can buy forged stuff, the material is easy enough to get on an early lvl


You just stated things that are just the opposite of what everyone here is saying. Try reading the patch notes thread

And my personal experience is irrelevant, even if you are right.

But there is obviously a disconnect between what the players want and what the devs feel needs to be implemented.

Also the small amount on the forums does not represent the masses who have not spoken. A 150 post reply on a thread is not thousands of players. And most of the reply’s are the same few debating.


I’m not saying the posts here are, necessarily, right.

I just thought the devs mindset on these issues that keep coming up over and over again would be helpful.

he stated something of a consensus right? do u know what consensus means? consensus certainly doesnt mean a 20% approval in a randomly selected group

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they had a reasoning to change the recipe of pure boon compounds and to any other change u can name. just read the patch notes thread.

Yes, consensus. As in practically every third thread on this board is about how the game is far too grindy.

And, yes, forging is definately endgame as it sits right now.

Which flies in the face of players saying the crafting needs to be easier and less complicated, not more. Which is why I was seeking further thoughts.

problem with making any assumptions about why the devs do it, or what players want is… forums is not something everyone posts in, they will have metrics from the game itself to say what people are doing and maybe people aren’t doing the things the devs want which is why they make the changes


I don’t want to make assumptions about dev motivations. It’s obvious we don’t understand all of them. So I ask.

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Yep, I know what it means. I was just making a statement that the consensus here is made of the same few. You can have many threads made by the same 20 people and it still doesn’t represent the masses the op thinks he is asking the devs the questions for.

now if there 800 different players all with the same opinion, I would think it would be something to listen to. But Loud rants by a extremely small percent of the game does not justify loud threads of protest in their favor. Especially if one hasn’t even had experience in the field he is posting a thread for.

Its the same 5 - 10 people complaining about the same thing on every thread.

“Strangers have more fake money than me and i dont have the patience to match their play time. Complaining on forums is easier than playing the game. We should all just complain and not play at all!”

Not even close to a consensus.

For what its worth, i 110% agree with making end game items/recipes hard to get. Its way too easy to completely skip the progression at the moment, not just with forging. I have a level 17 forger and no centraforge power and made 100’s of pure boon and multiple tools with no negative traits. It took me maybe 3 hours to level that alt to that stage. Thats not much of an end game… or a sustainable game at all to be honest.


Except now lvl 1 and 2 pure boons require spitter eyes, which don’t even show up on T1-3. That makes it at least late-mid game.

And to forge anything you have to be past the gem wall, which is definitely late (end) game.

Maybe your definition of end game is different than mine.


Yea most people just quit and dont say anything in the forums. Does that make for a sustainable game? All these deserted builds, expiring beacons, empty shops appealing to you? This game depends on population for planets to spawn. If you’re cool with the current amount now great. If you want more, better cater the game to fit a larger audience.

I can grind, i know how, i dont mind. Can you say that about the majority of players? Especially when the game doesn’t explain half the features to new players?

Stop making current game mechanics more complicated/less useful. The game is released, add new stuff, add better stuff. Stop nerfing stuff. Period.


Im not sure if i misread that, but i think were saying exactly the same thing.

Pure boon, which adds only positive traits and is easy as pie to forge good tools, is now harder to get and you probably cant make 1000’s in the first 3 hours.

Yep. Sounds like a logical progression to me. Still supportive.

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Where did you get the data to back up saying “most people quit”?

From what ive seen the player base hasnt haved dramatically this week.

Please stop speaking for others in these threads. If you want more people to join the game, stop trying to make it look bad at every opportunity.


This is exactly what I didn’t want this thread to be.


Yeah i thought about deleting that last comment as soon as i posted it, exactly what you said you didnt want… but i do stand by my opinions too.

Sorry, just frustrating seeing this constantly. But each to their own.

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Nor did I, i have no data. Just observations. Hopefully i’m wrong. I want to see the game thrive and trying to look at the game from the perspective of a brand new player.

Back on topic. Hopefully a dev can give some insight as you asked for in the original post.

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