DEVS: Forging, could you give us your thoughts?

Yeah sorry that was a poor effort saying other peoples opinions are valid while arguing with your opinion. Not enough coffee this morning. Also a new player here… who doesnt envy the devs trying to find a balance for everyone!

Its all good man, no beef

I think the problem is those of us who post seemingly negative only come to the forum when we aren’t playing the game. If we’re not playing the game, it’s because we’re probably not finding it very fun. If we’re not finding it fun, we’re going to post about how and why. If we find out something is changing that we feel is already a pain in the rear, then we’ll have a healthy amount of discourse on it.

Since the dawn of online games, forums are where you find a consistent form of negativity and complaints. If there weren’t complaining the game is either perfect or they have quit playing. I’d rather people voice their problems than just leave with no reasoning.

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Haha… very true. I build government websites for a living, and know before we start feedback will be generally negative. Theres no real gain for people to go out of their way to say they like things as they are. Was just the “consensus” and “most people” that got me on this one.

My basic motivation here is that I want more players. Lots more. I want so many players that Wonderstruck can’t add servers fast enough.

I love this game.

But there is a hurdle to get past that I’ve never found in other games. Early game, 1-15ish, is pretty easy. You can at least make it to T3 world, but you better have spec’d correctly and be in a group.

15-30 is definitely a challenge. T3 is very doable and I can start dipping my toes into T4 worlds now without severe risk of dying. But that’s on my hunter. My gatherer might be able to stealth by. My lvl 30 crafter wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

Getting poast the gem wall from here…well…aside from stores (cheating) I’m still not sure how to get there from here.

Shadesmar = Jirodyne alt . Confirm or deny? :slight_smile:


thats the point in getting alts lol >.<
if u have them all stuff gets easier… and ur crafter doesnt have to survive t4 … u can simply lvl him by refining stones and crafting stuff why do u have to go with ur crafter to lvl 5 worlds?

To craft on T5 worlds?

if u want it so badly u can go stealth… lvl 5 worlds is safe around shadow armor epic and 4 points in control and plsplspls quit this cryin over stuff u havent even started yet. u just follow the few loud trolls who always complain on every patch they released and will release some people always tend to throw their weight in front of the train (happend over bomb mining bug exploit, and those 2 minor recipe changes >.< )

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I have tried all the planets and shimmering orbs are not plentiful. Not for the amount we need for everything. And I was only trying to get enough to do my own stuff. It is not like I am getting tons to make stuff to sale at high prices like some do. Just trying to do enough to simply enjoy the game.

I’ll tell you the biggest issue. The biggest balance problem for the devs is figuring out what can help the individual player that the group dynamic can’t take advantage of. True here, probably true most elsewhere.

Starting there, what solutions can we find?

Deny, and you’re getting very off topic, both you and @Shadesmar. @Biv asked a very good question for the Devs, and personally I want to hear their answer.

same here really i think authors needs all player go away,especialy new players,i hunt on T4 planets strong spitters i kill 1000+ this creatures and i have 10 eye,i test farm shimm orbs from growth on t6 planets i have
4k growth in bag and 20 orbs hahahaha glowing fungus i see 2 maybe 4.and this orb is ONLY rare ,Dont know how can be shadow orb ULTRA rare when mushrums is total easy to find.epic gathering sklil is total useless or not work its time change game.i must laugh when i read in patch notes forged is still easy after added eye hahahahaha i think author needs go on planets as new player and go hunt spitters i think after kill 500 spitters and have 5 eye next patch inc.OR next patch all recipes nees all resource ?

Why are the devs so silent on these nerf issues?

Im so tired of hearing how hard the eyes are to get. I went on a hunt today that ended after 2 to 3 meteors and i walked away with 30+ eyes. The drop rate us not bad.
Its not a nerf its balancing. The mats are fine for the pure compounds.


We’re just tired of it. Tired of their “Uhh… let’s add random useless ingredient X to recipe B because… reasons?” mentality.


If you wanna know of a mat thats unfindable. Look for the shadow orbs in beta… they were non exsistant for the most part. As well as the red gleam. If your complaining about being able to get 20 shim orbs in a gathering session or spitter eyes or gems for that matter. If your coming away with some then your steppin in the right direction.

Everyone that says I got a bunch of eyes today just give us a number. How about giving us details? What planet? What tier of meteor? How many people in your hunting party. If more people knew about these details then maybe there would be less complaining because they could do the same. This goes for any of the complaints we get a lot in these forums.

Teach us your ways master so we aren’t a padawan forever.

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We were on t5 besevrona there were maybe 5 of us tops. I believe we did a lvl4 and a lvl3 meteor. I got 37 spitter eyes in like 20 mins time. I have max all stat, max luck, gathering epic, and used an auto loot hammer.
I was also doing the majority of the dmg as i forge my own golden fists that crit constantly for 23k


And that is why most people that are complaining about not getting the eyes. They are not speced or equipped for high tier meteors on high level planets.

My level 34 hunter couldn’t survive those fights and I use unforged gold fists. I can solo level 2 and 3 meteors on a T3 planet and a level 1 on a T4 planet. Anything beyond that and I will turn tail as it will be nothing but a slaughter.