Devs: Please, please, PLEASE make "creep" a toggle


My old man fingers can’t handle holding it down all the time. It’s cramp inducing.

I forgot that it was even a thing since I never use it.

It seems like a simple change and I have a hard time believing anyone would have an issue with it.

Should I say “please” again?


That moment When you..... [Fun thread :D]

I’ll also put a “PLEASE” into the hat. The ability to toggle the creep would be an awesome little QoL improvement. I have mild Arthritis in both my hands but it gets worse as time goes on. So yea, this would be really great!


Making it work on chiseled blocks would also be awesome, but that would be a much harder fix.


A toggle on the creep would be amazing.
It gets tiring having keep that button on the controller held down in such an abysmal spot.


Yeah, an option in the menu would solve this nicely.



Makes sense. Creep is essentially crouch. So it would be like a toggle crouch. Tho I wouldn’t use it, I put in a vote for this.


I like it as a hold, so please make this just an option and not the only choice :smiley:


Sounds like a good idea! No promises as to when (or if) we will get a chance to add it, but I have added an internal suggestion for it :smile:


Ross i need more pies.


Now im hungry for these bad boys, cant get them in englandshire :cry:


If this happens, an on screen indicator that you’re sneaking would be nice, like in skyrim. Could show up as a buff with a distinct icon when toggled on, or something like that.