Diamond biomes

Can someone tell me what the best biomes for diamonds are?

I will be getting a new sovereign soon and would like to make it a T6 diamond world. I was trying to find the post about the best biomes for diamonds, but am unable to find it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Olympus is the clear winner… but other high mountain biomes are good as well.


Yep, definitely Olympus. :slight_smile: Make sure to take it alone as the lv 8 biome, big areas of it will give you huge hotspots. The build in this post got me 600k diamonds; I think sacrificing a few high level biomes (Mount Doom, particularly) worked out well as on their own they’d be smaller hotspots and took up a good bit of space, but removing them allowed some of the lower level biomes to merge into high ones (have diamond hotspot under some Island Trees even, first time I’d seen gems under those!) -


Do alot of flat land, water, non mountains, and choose mount olympus as tier 8 biome.

This works with sapphire, topaz, and diamonds.

My sapphire planet has 655k + initial sapphire seams
My topaz planet has 706k+ initial topaz seams

All 3km planets.

Grand Oortian @bucfanpaka paka guided me :heartpulse:. My coin collection owes her many tips for her wise guidance :yum:


Awesome,thank you so much. I’m hoping this is the last Diamond world I’ll have to get, I’m ready to build on a world that I’m actually keeping.

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Let us know how it goes. And we also hope the planet lands in a feasible orbit as well for you.

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