Didn't receive Trailblazer Steam key


I purchased the "Trailblazer " a few years ago, and since the estimated release was always being postponed, I almost forgot it already. Recently I realised that it is finally available on Steam, and then I read a post from 2017 saying the Steam keys were already sent out, but actually I didn’t receive anything and there is also nothing in my spam.

How am I supposed to get the key now? Please help. Thanks!

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If you only checked your spam now, its probably been deleted… spam folders get erased like once a month.

I’m not at my computer at the moment but will PM you your key once I’m home.


And this is why I love our devs!!
Not only a fast reply,
Not only is it a sunday,
The head developer is helping you personally.
James, you and the team are absolutely amazing! :heart:


Thank you very much sir!

Go to bed James!


“You’re not my supervisor!”

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Speaking of Steam Keys, any updates on us getting our upgrade DLC for Steam yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, rather than open another topic. I’m in the same boat. I never received my key and I have tried emailing wonderstruck games but no one is replying to my emails. I have my receipts if necessary.

FYI @james.