Different bending worlds

So i ran into this topic:
And somebody mentioned a world that would be rings around a planet.

So i got an idea, what if some worlds “bends” differently meaning that it could for example only connect between the nort and south side while the west and east side would lead out into empty space.

I have no idea how hard this would be but i think it would add some interesting aspects to the game.

I think we discussed this already kind of as a side topic several times^^ (you are the topic finder so I’d say you’d know^^)
But yes I really like the idea of different shaped worlds.
Sphere, torus, cube, pyramide, that could be great for exploring and bear so many possibilities for future features^^
But that said, it isn’t a top priority for me.

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Probably, i was just reminded about it enough to make a topic for it. I will start searching for the topics tommorrow. I am to exhausted from work to do anything right now :tired_face:

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Donut shaped universe!!

but in seriousness, me personally i would prefer that most worlds are just wrapped, the shape doesnt matter in the end since all we can see is flat right? but in terms of ‘‘pyramid’’ world, how would the end of that look? just completely messed up spike out of no where?

Well… yea^^ I mean you wouldn’t see it most of the time but you could feel the same if you’d walk a long distance and you wouldn’t come out where you thought you would like on a torus. Or you’d have these massive edges with weird physics or whatever you can imagine^^

Just a thougt: Imagine a whole city on top of on of the spikes of the pyramide world. Wouldn’t that look epic?^^

The shape could matter a lot to a to how the final worldbuilder product looks though. With a cube form for example you could make different settings for different sides. And blocking people from moving thorugh different sides changes the exploration a lot.

Imagine a world that is 4 times as long but only half as wide and it only wraps the sides for the long part.

Then you would just have these looong worlds and have artificial ends (like we do now)

eh, its not something i am interested enough in to make a whole argument about, i guess i will just take whatever is there. my main thing is though that i hate artificial ends, like a wall you cant pass through, i really want that to not be the case in oort, which is why i liked the idea of wrapped worlds.

Not artificial end just the world not being very atractive in that direction, for example an all consuming darknsess (With consuming i mean that it devour people yes), a deep fall leading into the void or something intirely else.

As far as im aware… from a logical standpoint, you want to render a world AFTER the actual world? that is where the problem starts to come in with that idea i think, these are not physical worlds in a universe, they are boxes of data, the idea would be good in a physical world, but im not really sure how it would apply in a game with worlds like this…

I also think that only wrapping on one edge is a bad idea but the idea of rectangular instead of square worlds is pretty neat.
If we are going to get differently shaped/wrapped worlds my vote is on moebius shaped worlds. :smile:


I am not sure i understood that.

I wan’t to render a world where it does not conect on specefic sides, and instead of a connection it haves a clief into nothing.

Immagine the circle is the world:

It connect two ends and the other sides just lead into nothing a void, death, whatever.

  1. Vas, that is hurting my brain to look at.

  2. @Thorbjorn42gbf

you want to be able to fall into nothingness, if we do get pure skyworlds where that is a thing that might not be a problem, however as I see it it now, you are saying you want this:

a physical world where when you reach the end you will fall into the void

the problem is that as far as im aware, the WORLD which you want to go over, is like a room with 4 walls, it is NOT something you can just go off, imagine it as 4 unpenetrable walls, that is where the problem is, this is the space, after the end of this there are NOTHING, it is not like our universe. so i cannot possibly see this being a thing, UNLESS you consider the actual gamespace to end like that, say 200 meters from the edge there is just a void (if they can make that) now assume they did, how would you prevent people from just building from that point on? what would prevent them from just building from the edge, because they most likely can since the fall have to be a part of the world

Gaargh i cant express this in words, screw it, i really dont think it will work what you are suggesting but i am not a dev so i cant say for sure.

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Maybe I can explain it to you better than he did^^
Imagine a cylinder. you can walk around on the bent part. But to both sides the edges would mean the end.
Taking your argument into account that players would build over any void. (me included^^) You could make a one block layer of “darkness/void” which would destroy anything that touches it.

But I have to say I like worlds more that go around on all sides. Like spheres, toruses etc.

@Vastar god I knew I forgot something^^ how about a klein bottle world xD

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Ohhh i get makes sense actually… Didn’t think abou that :blush:

Ahh… that is better, sorry, i read it as a drop. however i would still call this an artificial wall, but it would definitely be cool, i think im biased cause i really love the idea of the worlds going all around, personally i think the worlds would feel much bigger and much more interesting if you could walk all the way around, instead of hitting a wall like this.

Sorry, i got confused >.<


Hmm so not a void but a fog that nulls potion effects and slowly kills you? It could gradually grow stronger the farther you get in and it could span 50-80 blocks

you shouldnt even be there… it should be like the ultimate end if anything, instakill if you touch it. Über wall of doom! think its a matter of preference, you seem very intent on going over the boundaries of the worlds for some reason xD

Or you could make be destroyed by some kind of suction or pushing force

World’s like aion?