Difficult to familiarization and dangerous worlds

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That being said I think the possible tier system of smaller, more difficult, and inhospitable worlds is perfect.
I like having different more difficult worlds separated by entire worlds that players have to unlock or get to, rather than just differet zones on a map like in WoW, GW, GW2, Wildstar, Rift, etc etc.[/quote]

It’s partially similar with question [How hard should the highest tier worlds be?] (https://forum.oortonline.com/t/poll-how-hard-should-the-highest-tier-worlds-be/1509)

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I just thought about the endgame difficulty of several games which throws up the question how hard the game will be on the highest tier that will come into it.[/quote]

Way to do world difficult to familiarization and survivaling:

  • Oceans with small places to live
  • Desserts (icy desserts) and wastelands with small amount of resources
  • Worlds with low-density air, where characters has lesser strong and speed

Way to fo world difficult to survivaling and dangerous:

  • Dangerous animals, who will hunt you
  • Poisonous and dangerous flora (flowers, trees, moss and grass)
  • Cliffs with rockfalls
  • Profusion of lava and eruption of a volcanos and geysers
  • Places with poisonous water and gases
  • Sharp precipices with bottomless abysses and earthquakes

What am I forgot? And how it realize?

In my humble opinion, some players need training in world’s resourses renewaling. I think, best choice of worlds for second/third tiers must be worlds with very scanty resources: wastelands and desserts. I want to illustrate it with next video about “Sky Factory” mod for minecraft:


Well, here is little illustration for idea about ecological training for newly players

I really like that. Having tiered worlds lets the game slowly introduce new concepts and game systems to the player. And it gives a sense of progression!


Yeah. Like it’s done in RTS games.

In the developing of Eco idea.
Worlds of first tier can demonstrate riches of Oort’s World and be an colourful advertising of game.
On the contrary, second and third tiers’es worlds can be some kind of fluctuation bubles: small ephemeral places, where you can still alive only by your efforts. And third’s worlds opposite second’s may degradate: you must constantly fight with environment for you live or you will be seriously punished. I’m not talk about dangerous creatures and Titans (heretofore fourth tier isn’t need in that). Thirst and starvation is enought for this stage, I think.

Also, when you go to second tier and your journey to the edge of the galaxy started, you may receive one of this ephemeral bubbles in your own like your permanent home on all stages. Develop and envolve it, if you want have better live in Oort.

By the way in first tier and latter tiers we strongly need some kind of world’s smart renewal system. Let’s work together on it’s concept!

I’m not sure emepheral is the word you wanted to use there, unless you really mean one-day-worlds.

And do you mean the world regeneration with the smart renewal system? If you do, that is already in the making.

Yes, I do. Let’s itemize it.

You want to make an item out of the regenerative system? 0.o

I looked on the bright face of Septerfon for long nights. And here is my thoughts which was inspired by his icy surface at the sky.

Septerfon is described as “Toxic untouched world”, but I was there and know what atmosphere of Septerfon isn’t poisonous. However let’s imagine what it’s poisonous: it will hurts you every N seconds and takes M health points per minute.

Could you living in such conditions? Of course, if you are a prepared survivor. You can have a lot of cooked meat or better healing brew. But it’s very expensive to survive at such way. Your supply will dwindle at fearsome swiftness. “If only I have an antidote from this toxin, - you will reflect every evening on that hell’s planet, - my life has been not so complicated with antidote which can block poisoning for few minutes.”

Antidote is a very good concept. Well, let’s imagine another one: toxins and antidotes are unique for each planet. If you use antidote from Epsilo on Septerfone it will works, but not so good as on Epsilo. On Septerfone you need to cook local antidote by local starberries from Septerfon - it can be related with leaves colours.

Oh, and I forgot a little context: toxin is related with emeralds. So here may only emerald moons have toxic atmospheres and other ones may have another modificators. It will be especially cool, if sapphire moons has chilly landscapes like Septerfon and Epsilo, and ruby moons may have very warm temperature and lava lakes.

Hope it’ll be very interesting.