Diggers Needed!

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Kirinvar is first digger! Yeah :slight_smile: Keep it coming guys and gals :wink:


@brook-monroe I’ve added more detailed directions in the original post; hope this helps!

Thank you so much @Kirinvar and @Initiols for being willing to do this for free! We still need as many diggers as we can get though, so we’re still offering pay to anyone who wants it. Just please tell us beforehand whether or not you want to be paid so we can set aside coins for you.

@Initiols We’ll need to friend you so we can add you to the beacon permissions.


Made it. Where the heck do I go once I get through that last portal? Down?

I don’t see … well, now that I started typing this, there’s someone in here with me.


I’m off for today, @brook-monroe sorry, had to go, don’t have more time for guiding you through :slight_smile:


That’s okay. I’m looking around getting oriented. Also falling off things. It’s an education. :smiley:


1st Round, 1 Hammer gone, 3 hours, 47k xp, 5600 Rock, 2400 Sand and Gravel, 406 Metal, 307 Coal, 66 Fossils, 12 Tech.


you need this 2plot digging machine :sunglasses:


ahahaha :smiley: yeah, we’d need something like that


lol me to
its even worse if you have to fill it and then dig it out like my village hahahaha


water? lava?


water thank god i hate lava :smile:


haha, at least some comfort for you :smiley:


@Initiols and @brook-monroe are either of you ready to start digging? I’ve got @Jeffrotheswell waiting to add a digger to his beacon.


@Kirinvar mentioned @142857 would like to participate also


Ugh. I replied via e-mail instead of coming here: on weekdays during the daylight hours my employer pretty much captures and holds my attention in exchange for sweet, sweet cash. I’m usually not available until after 1930 (23:30 UTC, or 67.3 decibels if you’re using metric) on week nights.


Sorry dudes studies kicking in, only able to play in weekends unfortunably from now on


No worries, if at any point you want to help let us know :+1:


If anyone is interested we still need help or hire!


where are you again?


Epsilo. I’m off for today though