Digital Deluxe Upgrade for PS4 - Latest News

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got some news on the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade for PlayStation 4.

Those of you under the SIEE region will be able to upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition from tomorrow, the 5th of December. For those in SIEA, we have seen a slight delay through a combination of a last-minute snag and a public holiday, but we are pursuing a release date as soon as possible. Apologies to those affected by this, but rest assured it’s in the system and we’ll share the release date as soon as it’s locked in.

So the good news is, the DDE Upgrade goes live in SIEE tomorrow. The bad news is, it’s not available in the American region right now. Thanks for your patience while we resolve this last-minute hitch, and I’ll keep you all posted.




Good news that it’s partially done tho. I just have to wait a bit longer

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Is one of those Canada?

I’m in Canada, so I assume I’m under the American. But either way that’s awesome news!!! Been waiting soooooo long for this I’m excited!! Thanks for the update @SamF




Awesome, awesome!

You know what is funny? It’s Sinterklaas tomorrow around here so I know what I will be gifting myself :joy:

Thanks so much Sam (and the rest) !


It is I’m afraid, sorry! I’m on it and hope to have some news for you ASAP…


:man_shrugging: All good. I’ll be buying it when it does come.


Do you take C I’m broke ( ;.; )


In Austria will work?

Should do, yes!

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Nice great :smiley:

Ahhh merry Oortmas one and all! :partying_face:


Excuse my ignorance but what’s the difference between base game and delux?

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I’m so excited. :grin:

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Yes, that’s the Deluxe Edition, except this thread is about the upgrade from normal edition to Deluxe which has never been for sale yet on the PSN store…

And I just can’t hide it :musical_note:

The big question now is tho:
At what time is it going to be available??? :smiley:

Way… way back over a year ago when this was first brought up the discussion was upgrading to that deluxe package. So I’m simply assuming it’s the same as purchasing that. That’s what I’m assuming I’m going to be buying. :man_shrugging: