Disconnected when switching characters

I would like it when I switch characters and get this disconnect screen, that CLICKING the reconnect button doesn’t repeat the disconnected cycle requiring me to restart my game. Thanks.

Video of the problem: https://youtu.be/r-rLSuFaw4A

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I’ve had this a few random times, but I’ve got zero idea as to why it happens.

We had this happen ever since i started well over a year ago. We have posted about it a couple times and nothing happened. just like the auto swing bug thats still in game a year+ later.

Well this is pretty annoying. I shouldn’t have to restart the game when a reconnect button is present…@james could use a bit of help here.

If this happens again, then submit a game log just after it occurs.

Curious, how would I do so?

Main Menu -> Support -> Report tab.

@vdragon Just got this problem once again. Submitted a log. Wish I can SEE what the log entails.

Thanks, I’ve added this to the database. If you want to see the log file, it is stored locally on your machine.

PC player. Also experiencing this a number of times each week

Had it happen once again. Decided to crack open the logfile when I finally located it, apparently when this happens the login server is 403 forbidding me.

[2019-12-12 01:54:24.805] [INFO]  Received login response with status 403

Maybe a few more hamsters are needed?