Do Devs play Favorites in Boundless?

True , I go to Mathews , Oortbuster’s , The Badbatch , Vikings platform hunts as well , they work great ! .

So much stuff just lost around here. Buried by Discourse’s hatred for organization it seems.

"Oh, you want recent information on game mechanics? How about I offer you this 5 year old thread on adding pets instead??



It’s Mainly cause I I’m ps4 and typing on controller and don’t have no Mods and in a group I would be yelled at for Nuking the playing field with my max blast radius bombs xD

But everyone has there play style me I don’t like platform hunts I fall :sleeping: on them half way in I perfer Running but I’m also going for “Going the Distance V” feat im only have 20mil km left to go Vroooommmm

I get enough Platform hunting from the daily ULT Gleambow hunt xD



Don’t Forget Ladies and Gents - Hazard’s Hunt T4 - Wednesdays and { today } Thursdays - 3pm Eastern Timezone - EZPZ Hunt Lounge Meet -

Classic running doesn’t work on permanent planets / that’s the pay to win aspect i’m talking about . people get left behind , everyone doesn’t have the same level of skill with grapples and speed running as well as lagging on playstation . well done platforms hunts trigger more meteors at faster rates over a 2 hr span . platforms done right cater to larger variety of people that is why they are so popular for players to go to and there are many hunt leader who have their own platform hunts . it’s about practicality and efficiency for everyone not a select group of people who are experts at speed running / and grapple mastery . Plus people like to collect ALL their Loot and not leave it behind , No One likes having to abandon their hard earn loot or get left behind . This is the appeal in user Friendliness vs a rat Race that leaves everyone with a bitter taste in their mouth . people are trying to get away from their real lives not do the same thing in a video game . We should have a poll if people really want to know for sure , so the public Decides what is more popular instead of people taking things personal , when it is in general and has nothing to do with specific persons / individuals . while opinions are like @holes everyone has one , Facts / practicality / efficiency / user friendliness Trumps the day on what people will choose to support . This is not a Debate so no need for more responses on this subject .

I have been on sooooo many more permanent planet hunts (of both kinds) than sov ones, and I’m not sure what you mean here

Have you collected data on this? What is the sample size, and is the data publicly available?

Have you collected data on this? What is the sample size, and is the data publicly available?

A good hunt leader should periodically stop to let people catch up. I believe they can also use a map to see how long their tail is. I typically grapple too well for the hunt leaders I have been with, and spend a lot of time waiting for people to catch up (or just looking at scenery/builds since I’m playing to have fun)

Who are you hunting with that doesn’t give you time to pick up your loot? Maybe you don’t have an auto loot stick?

I have never had a bitter taste in my mouth from a running hunt, and I have only very very rarely seen people complain, and they often get help if they ask for help anyway.

Sure, sounds like a fun poll to see.

Unfortunately, most players don’t visit the forums, and most of the ones that do are a specific class of player, so this survey won’t really represent the population of the game at large.

I don’t think anyone here, other than you, is trying to debate. This is a discussion forum for discussing things.

Why not?


All the Facts based in reality about the popularity of platform hunts were stated and why people choose to support them were also stated . This discussion was closed with the further argument of a Pole should decide what the vast majority of players want which would be Facts vs how people feel . this is not an argument or a debate do not respond , further badgering would be considered harrasment

Where? I didn’t see any evidence presented, just opinions of a couple individuals.

Why does it matter who is right here? I don’t think anybody here was trying to tell you what is objectively true aside from “sovs tend to get more meteors because they are visited less often so you won’t have dormants”. There isn’t really an objective truth to be had here?

I am not arguing or debating, I am trying to discuss.

By whom?


Please don’t call me a troll, I am trying to have a civil discussion, but you keep accusing me of debating, trolling, and spamming. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this hostility from you.


I am now asking you to stop harassing me by accusing me of harassment. This is just uncivil.


Well, I’m sorry I tried to discuss the topic you brought up. It’s clear you were never interested in discussing anything. I’m out of here, I don’t need this abuse.


This is where you’re starting to take somebody’s personal opinion, (they clearly stated “I prefer”, not “it is fact”) for some kind of attack on you.

Nobody is trolling or attacking you. Take a deep breath. Calm down. People are allowed to disagree with eachother. That’s ok. Differences are what makes the world an interesting place.

Whether “classic” or platform hunting is more effective is an age-old discussion that won’t be solved here. Personal anecdotes aren’t conclusive evidence.

You’re currently just lashing out at people for 0 good reason. Calmly read back what’s been said and you’ll see nobody is trying go troll or harrass you. They’re simply trying to discuss the issues you’ve brough up.


everything i said about platforms is proven and tested and furthermore i also said come toe hazard’s hunt tomorrow so you can stop the emotional defensive behavior . Everything i said about platform hunts is based in facts and not in question . Real hunters who hunt everyday go to platform hunts know that what I am saying is TRUTH not feelings

Nobody here said conclusively otherwise. They’ve simply shared their own experiences. I don’t understand why you’re taking all of this so incredibly personal. Nobody in this thread has even remotely attacked or harrassed you, yet for some reason you’re all agitated.

Some of the things you mention about hunts are hour personal feelings and experiences. Just because you prefer 1 thing, doesn’t mean others can’t prefer something else.

Some people simply prefer the oldschool feeling of a running hunt. That’s fine, that’s their preference. Efficiency isn’t as big a factor when choosing preference.

In the end, we’re all here to enjoy this game. If doing something differently makes it more enjoyable, efficiency isn’t the main importance.


stop trolling / that means leave me alone i dont care how people feel about facts base in reality .

This is an open forum. As long as matters stay civil, people can post however much they want. You don’t get to boss people around just because you can’t handle people having opinions that differ from yours.


Platforms hunts are friendlier to new players overall / platforms hunts are faster to travel from place to place / the friendliness of waiting for all players to get their loot is very desirable by Most players . This is not a discussion , Facts are based in reality . The people can have a Pole and Decide . stop trying to argue with me i dont care about how people feel about what im saying . Facts are Facts . I hunt everyday since the beginning of 2022 , I know wtf i’m talking about . what i’m saying is based on months of Analysis . I don’t care about other people beliefs , i’m stating facts coming from an experience hunter who hunts every friggin day since most of this year .

Platform hunts are meh… but everyone can play how ever they like as long as they are having fun I say.
Nothing more fun than chasing the hunt leader between canyon’s and slamming into a tree.