Do Devs play Favorites in Boundless?

your feelings about are irrelevant , I already stated many facts on how efficient and user friendly platform hunts are . and they are popular . Do I need to list the Guilds that run platform hunts ? because there are many . the PEOPLE have Spoken regardless of anyone’s feelings . pls stop arguing , i dont care about people personal feeling / opinions . opinions are like @holes everyone has one . The people Largely Support Platform hunts because of all the efficiencies i mentioned . Plus like i said Earlier Go to Hazard’s Hunt 3pm EST - today so you can watch the meteors come down as we take other down . it’s Insanely fun to chase meteors instead and then have them land all around you and even on top of you while you are raiding a live meteor like it did on us on Wednsday 3pm Eastern . pls stop arguing this is not a debate i will report any further cyber bullying by trying to take over my post and force your opinions here. I’m just going to keep flaggin trolling / harrassment because i already said it many time the people can take a pole and they will all confirm what i said .

You are still completely ignoring the simple preference argument.

But lets put that aside. It’s cute you’ve hunted since start of 2022. I’ve played since 2018. I’ve done many hunts in every form and groupsize imaginable. (I miss sasquatch hunts :frowning: )

I’m not sure where you got this bad experience, but whether you’re waiting to move to the next meteor or waiting to be ported to the next platform, on both there’s a timelimit. I’d say it’s even easier to get your loot on a running hunt, as you can catch up if you take a bit longer. If you miss the portal to the next platform, you’re done.

Platform hunts also require running to the meteor itself. Its not a lot different from running to the centre. You can still simply see teammates on the radar, so you can always catch up. I’ve mostly played on PS and have never had issues with lag, compared to playing on PC now. This is personal experience, but aside from view distance (which is far enough to travel/grapple anyway) i don’t know anybody who views this as a problem.

No, it’s not. You have to stop thinking that everybody is and thinks the same. There’s many people who actually play this game to have fun. Look at cookie for example, they like hunting solo on T7 planets. Is that super efficient? Most likely not. But they enjoy doing it.

I’ve yet to see any numbers. All you’ve posted are simply anecdotes and estimates. Just because you deem your personal experiences as fact, doesn’t make them so.

This is simply personal preference. Not everybody likes danger. Some people prefer to never even hunt at all.

I’m sure you’ll reply with some terribly witty “i warned you”-type post. But if you do choose to open your mind a bit, just let the personal preference argument sink in a bit. After all, many play this game to have fun. For some that means maximizing oort returns, for others its the fun of grappling between zones.


It is a well known fact by veteran players and regular players that t3 hunts are boring , that’s is a FACT . truth doesn’t change because you feel some type of way about it . Everyone in real Life knows that Danger breeds Excitement and Risk and Fun . there is no fun in knowing you cannot die . people dont like knowing the outcome thats why we bet on Sports like Boxing , because we don’t what will happen , the champ may lose / the under dog may win .


I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with platform hunts used to do platform hunts back when the game was “Oort online” I just saying everyone has there preference wanna do platform hunts kool wanna run kool I only care for fun in the game

I fuel a Portal Network of 50 planets weekly and I still only do Solo hunts and Running if I personally started to do platform hunting it become a job and not a game which is no fun

But you are right platform hunts are more efficient and faster no argue there it just not me @Pwonstar boop

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Cyber bullying and harrassing?

People discussing the discussion YOU brough forward, on a PUBLIC forum, is cyber bullying and harrassing?

Is this your first time on the internet?

I’m even agreeing with you, platform hunts are most likely more efficient than running hunts. That’s not even the point most people are trying to make.

You somehow see us trying to get you to understand that some people factor in fun, (which is always subjective and can vary between people) as some kind of personal attack.

But all we’re looking for is for you to acknowledge that, not every person thinks or wants the same. Not everybody is just looking for peek efficiency. Can you do that? Can you be a little empathetic and understand that some people might have different preferences?


it’s sad that people get triggered instead of facing reality . i will report all trolling . your not doing yourselve any favor with this behavior . i still dont care if your butthurt . your wasting your time i wont care that you blindly believe your right

thats like 5 times i told you to leave me alone i dont care if your buthurt because you hate facts . go find someone else who cares im just going to report trolls and cyber bullies continuously . your jealous people trying to over talk me so people can;t see tomorrow’s advertisement for hazard’s hunt

Shall we try to get to 10? That would have to be some kind of record right?

I’m not butthurt. Just read my post. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. You’ll see most actually agree with you.


thats 6 times i told you to stop trolling and cyber bullying my post . i will report this again there is tooo many trolls here , that is called gang assualt in real life and that is a felony

This is 1 single topic… how are people unable to see that topic when there’s 1 single topic on top of it?

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that’s 7 time i told you to leave me alone , stop trolling stop cyber bullying . reporting you , ever instance of cyber bullying will be reported . if someone tells you to leave them alone , you dont have a right to continue to cyber bully them even with multiple people


Ah, ok i get it now. You’re just trying to be funny.

Judging by the amount of reported/hidden posts, you unfortunately failed.

I’ll stick to 7 then, as i believe that still smashes the previous record.

I’m out, your brand of humour isn’t the same as mine unfortunately.


reporting all trolling and cyber bullying , this teaming up on 1 person is called Gang assault in real life and it is a Felony in real life . it is a crime in our society to gang up on one person . i will report all of you for this bad behavior . you can’t force people to deal with you , if they say leave me alone you are to leave them alone . You can’t force people to deal with you personally if they think your trolling / or bullying or being disingenuous and regardless , people have the Right to left Alone either way .

@Leahlemoncakes @majorvex :eyes: :point_up_2:


Fun fact: You can also choose to disengage.


Anyways ladies and gentle besides the interruptions . Hazard’s Hunt is Today at 3Pm Eastern Time - come see for yourselves the volume of meteors that drop , have fun and excitement in the possibility that you could die at any moment :smiley: . . let’s put opinions and feelings to rest .

I think that if you are representative of the type of people on this hunt, I think I’ll stay away. Thank you for the warning.


I told you more than 9 times to leave me alone and that goes for all of you