Do Exoworlds exist/ Can you rent one? Or na

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Just came back after a pretty long break and i see Exoworlds haven’t spawned in what looks like a month+. Do they still exist? Or have they been replaced with Rent able worlds. Or can you not Rent an Exo world and just limited to t1-t6? If so Where be them Exoworlds? Feel like it was such a huge update and cant seem to find any info on what happened to them anywhere.

Feel free to call me a nub. I will take it.

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@majorvex had a good gif for it before

We have no idea

My money is on special exos for halloween


Good to see your still playing! Im having to relearn where everything is. loving alot of the new stuff as well.

I am sure a Spooky Exo is coming :slight_smile:


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Idk what’s up with exos! None since sovereign release!

You forgot about the boundless birthday one which was after sovereign

Exoworlds will return as normal shortly.

(They went offline at the Sovereign world release as we needed to update the world deployment process for worlds to include the new private worlds, and the exos need to be updated to work alongside them.)



Would have been nice to get the memo a month ago though lol


So this is a constructive criticism, not me trying to complain or tell any of you how to do anything, but I really feel like if Exoworlds were being harmed by Sovereign world creation and you were too busy with the Halloween update/Baldur’s Gate to fix it, you should have said something a month ago.

Something like “we are currently working on a surprise project we cannot reveal any details about it and we are also working on improving Boundless at the same time. As a result of Sovereign worlds, Exoworlds will briefly be put on hold for a bit until we can shift our focus back to working on improving the creation process of new worlds.”

It is kind of annoying I saw so many posts wondering (including myself) where Exoworlds were and what was going on. There are ton of pretty serious and hardcode and understand people in the community. If you arm us with the information, we can tell people who ask questions instead of it getting to a point where majorvex just has to start closing forum posts because no one has a real answer.

Again, this is me trying to be constructive and helpful. Even if it sounds a bit demand-y/whiny. I think there many of us here on the forums who are pretty invested in this game and we just want to help and understand what is going on.


Even a simple “sorry exos will be down for a month or two” would have been a vast improvement and more than sufficient for most


I wish I could rent my own exoworld.
I want industrial-sized tons of kindling for making pretty cement blocks.
I want to harvest wild kindling when I’m in a mood to do so.

Harvesting on a limited-time scale is not comfortable for me (and this sentence is an understatement with how I intensely feel everything). I’m shocked to read that Exo’s werent spawning. I’m glad I didnt waste my time forcing myself to be able to farm at an exo for the ingredients for one of the pretties blocks in this game imo. I wish wild kindling was available outside of Exos too.

Mmm, smooth blocks, some with glowy spots. Eye candy so very delicious!