Do we need a wipe?


As I read the title of this topic…I gotta feeling!



This idea is a game killer and absolutely ridiculous to even think it, you wipe planets you pretty much wipe community.

Doing this once tells the whole gaming community that buying this game is a complete waste of time because the devs might delete everything you’ve done. Even if your intention is doing it once and once only you just put a huge black mark on the game that you’ll never erase.


I did want to mention that we would need a way to ensure bought plots, gleam club and all bought items via the store are moved over in some form or fashion or the cubits payed out for those need compensated back.



We are allowed blueprints of all builds and our supplies…


The horse is dead, but I’ll beat it. There are too many people who have put their souls into their accomplishments knowing that the launch wipe would be the last wipe. I think that over time, generating new planets with more appealing world generation features will cause people to move, but a wipe at this point would be Anthem-level stupid for Wonderstruck


That may have nearly no one in it? Sure thing.

This is not worth much in my book. The problem can not be fixed fully. Which may be proven by the upcoming update based on trying to read between the lines of what james posted.

This can already be done, at least to degrees as proven with the farming update where they added in the new plants and seeds, and if for some reason it can’t be done because of << Insert random excuse here >> Then new worlds could be created to host such things.

This already self resolves, from beacon expiry, If someone has gleamclub to the heavens, then they paid for the right not to have their builds tampered via decay.

A wipe as far as I am concerned will absolutely destroy the already weak player base.

So if you all want to say goodbye to this game, in terms of player base, then please, keep promoting the idea of a wipe, and when it happens, don’t say i did not warn you all.

At the end of the day thou, I am pretty sure the devs know that a wipe would carry a high risk of financial suicide, so I am pretty sure they would not, even if they could come up with a very good reason for it.


I have a million gifs I want to shove in here, but I’ll hold myself back.

After this last one…


Resource deployment would actually be a surprisingly easy fix to do right now;

You simply change the algorithm that causes nature to regenerate, to work the way you want resources to be spread out.

That should make resources spread the way you wanted them to, within about a week at most.


A wipe would save me having to wipe my own builds :joy: but my opinion doesn’t matter on this topic as no wipe or wipe I’m still done


You could literally just use the delete button they put in recently. Ez pz, friend


No cause they would still be there. I have to regen them or give my stuff to someone and that would only be to potentially two different people


A wipe…

Why do i have gleamclub then?

If I wanted to wipe and start over I surly would not have gleamclub.

Maybe if my small build didn’t take so much time (and still does).

Ill say this if a wipe has to happen i want storage in sanctum or so that contains everything i own.
And if it is a full wipe like characters and all im gone.


This is all I have to say:


There is a deeper issue with the design and implementation of the resource regen that is going to require a regular full regen or resources will ultimately get harder. From my understanding it goes beyond an algorithm tweak… overall, though, it probably would be more on a planet level that the resources can get fixed. The first generation planets done at release were a bit more rushed and not tweaked as much as the ones released later.


That’s the player base if there is a wipe.




There are many people that would stick through the wipe. I don’t think it is fair on any level to use players leaving as the reason to wipe or not wipe as a general reason. There will always be players coming and going.

It might be better to focus on how we can minimize the loss but we shouldn’t be not doing anything because of a loss since people do come and go.


This is why I would be in favor of the wipe:

This game was not released in a final state in any way what so ever. Massive systems have been added to the game over all, and might still be added if plots/beacons are being looked at like has seemed the case judging various posts over the last few weeks.

There have been really bad boo-boo’s in the way of systems being broken and people allowing to profit off of things that got fixed later in time. And maybe they want to get rid of footfall or tweak footfall or add/ get rid of coin taps period to streamline a different type of economy.

I don’t know, there are a lot of reasons I’d be fine with a wipe. Would it suck to lose everything I’ve put in so far? Yea sure. But if it’s what the game needs as far as game balance is concerned, then whatever, the devs know what needs to be done for their game. They have gobs and gobs of data to make a decision off of. If they decided a wipe was needed, then they’re probably right. The team overall has made decisions for the betterment of game growth,

The game can stay as is, and Ill continue doing what I do, or the game could wipe in 4 months with a re-balancing having been done after all these new critical changes/installed systems has changed the game and economy as a whole and Id start playing anew as if I’d discovered the game for the first time again.

If you enjoy this game, and love playing it then to me it seems like you’d be in favor of whatever the devs needed to do to guarantee longstanding success of the game. Paragon Online just recently had a wipe after previously saying they don’t ever plan on wiping. But that game had some critical changes made and as a result the save data was corrupted when they tried to merge systems (from what i understood). Those new systems they added to that game made it way funner than it had been previously so even though they had to wipe and lost a few players, the game is better for it. I’d hope the core base of Boundless can realize that if that’s the decision the dev team had to decide upon.


I’d definitely love to see more permanent planets added to the regions, like it was suggested to add a Lush T4 to AUS in another thread, for instance. This stems from the way we’ve seen recent Exoplanet terrain gen.

I’m still head-over-heels about this recent Exo screenshot I took;

I would LOVE to see more things like these gorgeous trees becoming a part of a permanent planet.