Do we need a wipe?




I think it is quite fair until proof can be given, showing that the fact players will leave is not worth the consideration, or otherwise not a downside.


I’d stick around, but I think a wipe would be terrible for the current player population. I’d like to see some of the older planets removed and replaced though. I wonder what the devs would do if a group of players beaconed a whole planet with the sole intention of not allowing new development to occur until there were no builds left.


This is essentially all that needs to be said about this topic. Literally any post after this, regardless of the argument, is pointless. Doesn’t matter if you are pro-wipe or anti-wipe.

Wiping now, will essentially tell current and future players that at any point all their hard work could be completely wiped. Not only will you CERTAINLY lose a great chunk of your current playerbase, you would simultaneously tell all future players that anything the build could be destroyed at any point in time.

And that’s not to mention people with gleam-club. What’s the point in long-lasting beacons if they just wipe your stuff anyway.


More like a fatal hit.
Also, a wipe will take some of the playerbase with it - including me :laughing:


I just want to point out that literally every multiplayer minecraft server over a year old has wiped at some point and it’s not been the death of the game or servers. Quite the opposite, reinvigorates creativity and brings back old members. A reset is a major event. But keep saying how it will literally kill the game, because history has show the opposite for over a decade now.




Honestly, as people have stated before;

The only way I’d be okay with a wipe, was if it was because of a major overhaul of things, that required it in order to be deployed.

If it was just to “Eh let’s wipe every planet at once because why not?” then it just doesn’t really make sense to me.

Alternately, if a wipe really does come, the best option might be checking if it’s possible to wipe X amount of planets at a time, and give players a week or so to move their stuff from said planet, so they don’t lose their entire inventory over it.


So stop selling gleam club at a specific point before the well announced and clearly communicated reset.


The issue here is that Boundless has a subscription model that keeps your builds safe, whereas Minecraft does not have such a thing.

Plus, I’d argue that this game is quite a bit harder to get things in than Minecraft, even outside of the crafting timers.


Going in while expecting a wipe is different from being told this is a persistent world and then it gets wiped. This is not to mention the sheer number of players of MC. Is it the very same players that kept going back after the wipes or new players?


If the devs determine the game needs to be wiped to push it to the next level, I’m not sure why anyone would be against that. Having the intent to not do something is far different than having to something because it’s critical for the games future. Not saying this is the case but if we’re fans of the game, then why would we not support a wipe if that’s what the game needed?

If people quit playing today, their gleam club will expire and their things will disappear regardless. People quit all the time. The game ads people all the time too. This has been evident over the course of the last nearly year.

If people are going to quit over a wipe that has to happen (we’re speaking in a hypothetical situation here) then those people were likely going to quit at some point anyways and all their things would be gone eventually whether there was a wipe or not.


If wipe happen, then it make me feel so stupid to buy half year gleam club to auto fuel my land lol.


Since this is all hypothetical, ill save my energy (and time) to when it is not. Peace y’all :joy:.


Rather then a wipe, a better solution would possibly to be to allow beacon owners to obtain a blueprint of their own beacon which can then be placed in the world to copy the build, also possibly even allowing it to be built instantly once all the materais needed to build it are there.

Following this, it would be possible to possibly delete less prestigious worlds with giving any player’s who builds and storage were there their blueprints and materials used + materials in their storages.

While this would obviously be a massive undertaking, I believe this could help solve the issue of a split up playerbase while keeping everyone happy


Yes there are some similarities between Boundless and Minecraft.

But you don’t own on a public server on MC.
Boundless you own the terrain you claim.
And stop selling gleamclub doesn’t work. Several people already bought gleamclub for several years.

I know of some one that still has 1,5years left.


I’ve lost everything - my builds, progress, special items, etc - more than once on Minecraft & Terraria :scream:

I know several large MMOs dumped previous versions to have new ones. The player base grew by leaps and bounds on two, specifically, that I can think of. Some MMOs have previous versions running as well as the new one & players can choose. Maybe they could have it set up to where people could choose to live in the new BL2 Universe or BL1.

It may be ok :oort_start: if :oort_start: all of this:
They give everyone blueprints of their current builds.
They give everyone every plot that they have. 1:1
They give everyone every coin, all the XP, all the characters that they currently have.
And maybe 6 months of Gleam Club tossed in.

Or just put any new “deal-breaker” systems on planets that are newly added to the current Universe. If an old planet becomes void of beacons…it dies.:skull_and_crossbones: This way, BL2 would organically create itself, if players choose to inhabit newer planets/systems.

Note: I’ve not seen any devs mention a wipe so all of this could be moot points.


Please no wipe and stop asking for it! some people have made some really big builds here and redoing it is tedious enough. Another wipe based on players request is enough for me not to come back. I enjoyed my time in Boundless before the wipe and after the wipe and made a lot of progress since then. Restarting all over again is just a big no for me.



I guess I was trying to stay that I don’t think we have metrics either way on who stays or not or can get valid ones. The problem is many people use it in a threat type context or a scare context. Obviously some people would leave and some people would stay and obviously there are millions of other people that can come play the game. So instead of focusing on that “leaving” as the reason focus on how to minimize it and then determine whether it makes sense or not.


Here is probably the feature we need to start asking for instead:

  1. Let those that do not want a wipe stay on this Universe
  2. Let those that want a wipe be given the option to go to another Universe…