Do we need a wipe?


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See, there is something I can get behind.
The question is if there would be some way to pass between the two.

Again, as I said in another thread; I have no idea how big the individual worlds actually are, in terms of storage. I assume they’re bulky, since the Exoplanet surface map is removed from Atlases every time they vanish from the sky.


wouldn’t that just split the playerbase up even more though?


Uh. No. :S


I’ll stick around either way, so idc if they keep it as is, wipe/add/change/etc or not.

  • When you see everyone getting lag when there are a measly 40-70 players on one planet (I have held parties on my world in a different MMO with 200-400 players at one time and attended drop parties held by devs in another that had over 1000+ players on at one time)
  • When you see them say they can’t do anything more with blocks because there’s no more bits
  • When James says they are trying really hard to fix settlement/beacon/plot issues, but people are going crazy over everything…even threatening to sue the company :open_mouth:

One might have to wonder what they could do if they moved things to a different type of server, created some new planets or an extra universe with new fundamental systems.

I doubt anyone is literally asking for a wipe though. I don’t see any harm in discussing the possibilities. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been everyday since ea and I’d quit on a heart beat and would make sure that nobody I know would ever buy this game. A wipe would be pretty much the only reason I’d quit game, so if this applies to me it most likely applies to others.

Nobody in their right mind will buy a game where the devs wipe people’s progress.


This forum is more than capable of holding multiple subject conversations.


This is a hard pass for me. As much as I love this game, I would definitely quit. I don’t get enough time to play as is - there’s no way I’d want to have to spend more time rebuilding everything I’ve already spent months putting together. It would just make it seem like I wasted a lot of time and money. Honestly, as long as gleam club is a thing, I don’t even see how this can even be a consideration. Unless reimbursement is also a factor.


well it’s 576 x 576 plots so

(((576 x 576) x 64) x 256) = 5,435,817,984 positions in a normal world. It’s going to take a certain record size just to have a structure to hold the data on each position so at least a few bytes for each position just to hold the block data probably a couple hundred gigabytes at least by the time you have a world full of meshes and resources and ownership data and storage block contents etc …


Rust is wiped monthly. Yes people go in accepting that. But it seems a bit extreme to say no one will buy a game where there are wipes when clearly people do.


Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering about. I’ll admit I’m very curious about it.


Still go back and visit your first minecraft build? Do you even have it?


They didn’t save the Exo worlds for the reason of having to keep the data for a planet that didn’t exist. If I remember right it could cause issues beyond just space.

Overall the worlds are not that big from what I remember… in the general sense.

I would say no. People that want the wipe should get forced to wipe. People that don’t shouldn’t get the benefit of a wipe either.

I guess but why is that really an issue. In the big sense people are still playing the game which is the most important thing. People will always be joining the game. Plus the game survived just fine in EA with a very small base.


Your comparing one of the biggest games of all time to boundless. Apples and oranges.

Yes I do visit my first Mc build. Do you want screenshots? I have some of every world I’ve done.


I think being able to interact with people are more important then them simply playing - what if someone makes a fourm post to trade but woops, they cant because there on the other universe.

I just dont think it’s a good idea tbh.


In this proposed version of the game, just create 2 different forums, then your scenario isn’t an issue. This is how most games, like runescape or everquest or any MMO that’s created different versions of the game have done. It’s not a new experience. Boundless wouldn’t be the first to do it. Plenty of models to look at and learn from if this is something Boundless had to do.


WoW did it too and MC made newer versions (I have the very 1st free-to-download PC one lol)

Edit to add: this is in response to the above post. I am not comparing Boundless to any of these games.




Well I think there are enough people that are on both sides of the discussion that we will have vibrant communities on each side… but yes there could be some confusion on the universe. Plus I am not sure if I like the idea yet… but I do like the idea of giving people options and many do want a wipe and feel at some point it will be a benefit. So this option gives everyone an option and doesn’t really hurt either side.


If we just got rental worlds there wouldn’t be a reason for folks to want a wipe. regardless of anything else as they’d have control of much more, even more so if they chose to set up a unique situation where they didn’t connect those rental worlds to the main universe.

People seem so intent on keeping Boundless too what it has been when the future of Boundless means… to be Boundless and many moves the game has yet to fulfill (as proposed on the game page to date) mean some jarring changes depending what happens.