Do we need a wipe?


You can’t compare those games to boundless. Those are massive games who are established and if they lose half their player base they still have millions playing.

Besides Minecraft doesn’t wipe your progress, you can still keep going in your world. It’s a choice to start new if you want new options. Huge difference between that and wiping your progress.

What I really want to know is the retention numbers. We can all talk until our faces are blue but if we don’t actually know those numbers we are just waisting time. Nobody but the devs know if we are loosing more than we are gaining or vice versa. I would bet that the retention numbers are pretty much at par with every other game, but I could be wrong. If someone can show me that I’m wrong I might change my position.


No point in wiping the universe if there is no significant update and a way to bulk store all our items somewhere.

All the sweat and tears poured into this game would be wasted.

As been requested on other post, how about getting new planets.

Those who would like a wipe could simply delete their current beacons then start build on the new planets.

Those do not want a wipe could play the game as usual


Minecraft haves many many many more players then boundless,
Minecraft is not trying to be an MMO
Minecraft haves many many many many more servers then boundless
Most minecraft servers are hosted/controled by players
The Grind in minecraft is extremely different then how it is in boundless.
Minecraft haves an extreme amount of mods that can add alot more to the game play
Minecraft haves alot of External support from Content creators that keep putting it on the map.
Minecraft is actually in a Post beta state as far as the feel of the game is concerned.
The list goes on and on.

the fact of the matter is, Boundless is not minecraft.

The history of minecraft, in my book, haves very little to do with what is likely to happen to boundless.

Ill focus on what I feel is important, Players leaving the game, and then leaving bad press because they felt cheated, defrauded or otherwise had their time wasted because they had the rug pulled out from under them is not only just bad for the game, but it is also bad for business.


I’m not comparing them to Boundless. I’m comparing the fact that they did a wipe…to much protest…and came out much better afterwards. I’m not saying Boundless should do a wipe or that it would benefit this game because I don’t know. None of us knows.

There is nothing wrong with looking at both sides. I can see pros and cons for both. It’s all just theoretical.

Yes, I have experienced losing everything in MC a couple of times. Log in only to see zero available worlds.

Regardless of whether or not BL is gaining or losing players…200-300 avg players is super low. I’ve tested indie alpha games with more players…just sayn…not knocking because I love the heck out of this game.


I had thought about this too at one point as a good solution. But after talking with a lot of people that are for the wipe a single planet doesn’t solve the reasons.


Can we wipe these forums…

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Yes the community is small, I don’t disagree but I think and again I could be wrong it’s a little bit by design. I think they want to grow this game slowly right now because adding a huge influx of players wouldn’t help games. I don’t know about you but when the umbris planets came out I rubber banded for over an hour just because of left over rocks. Now imagine what would happen if the game had just another 100 active players? Exo’s would be a nightmare to get on and be on when they first spawn.

A free month on ps plus would double to triple community but again I think that would cause them more problems than they can handle.

The game will grow, we just need to be patient and trust the devs, which I actually do for a change. They are exclusive for PlayStation right now but when that contract ends and I know for a fact they will bring crossplay to Xbox and switch.

I’m also convinced rental planets is a thing that’s coming in the future.


Being as square is involved I wouldn’t be surprised if that exclusivity is permanent. Square is more for Sony over the other two. Plus who knows what Sony wanted. Not like there isn’t games completely exclusive.

Also note Xbox players are toxic(source i own an Xbox and avoid multiplayer games on it like the plague because of the player base)


So your telling me that you go to a store to buy a game and the person at the counter tells you “yeah after a year they might wipe everything you did “ and you’ll “sure that’s fine” and just buy it?

You have more time to waste than me I guess.

If rust does it monthly that means it’s part of the game, people know it’s going to happen.very different from I bought this game thinking my progress would keep going. comparing apples to oranges


Wipe or not won’t affect anything lol.
Unless they remove forge system, people who has experience can still get everything in 1 week with super op forge tools. This basically what happen when 1.0 release. It only takes portal seekers 1.5 weeks to build up all the portal network. Only took 7 days for ultima to get their big city start. Then what’s the point for wipe ? People still get everything super fast. After 1 month, you will see new ulitma city pop up again, and new portal seeker city, and new DSK city …etc. and then all gems pricing will start drop to 40c, everything will back to the same. Only difference is everyone need to build their house again and gathering all the powercoils again. Oh wait, maybe some of you guys can plot the gems earlier this time:joy:

Wiping everything just simply delete 50% of player base (best result), and yeah you may get some new players. But after 1 weeks 95% of new players will quit because the harsh leveling system and diamond wall. This what happen right now. Boundless still get new players join daily, the problem is they can’t stay longer than 2 weeks lol.


I did not say BL needed a wipe. I do see where this game could benefit from some fundamental changes though (and they probably couldn’t do it to the game as it is).

I don’t have any rubber-banding issues.

I think this is exactly why some are asking about a new system/servers/etc.


Well there’s a thing I’d definitely hope for. I’d love to have it for Switch, so I could log in while out and about.


I don’t think the port to switch would be good. I love my switch but have you tried playing dare I say it fortnite on it or even warframe :nauseated_face:


I don’t think I said that you did. My comment was mostly directed towards the player base. Sorry if there was confusion.


When I saw that Warframe was going to be available on Switch…I was like “what? really? Is that even possible??” lol


Same here, it actually took me by surprise. I’ve downloaded it, and the devs even let us guides get our guide gear sent over for keeps because of our service. øwøb
Unrelated to the topic; That game has an incredibly nice connection with their community.~


I am not attached to my builds and things in the game as others. I would take a video and some screenshots and let it go… In a wipe I see a new set of worlds and an open landscape for new builds… I see beauty and creativity and getting to enjoy parts of the game that I’m not able to any longer. Many people that hang with me enjoy the process more than the result.

But I understand others are more attached to that effort they put in and I can respect it. Honestly I just see both sides and could go stand on each side and defend why it makes sense.

Anyway I do like the idea I have to allow another Universe for people that want a wipe… but I can see some technical complexity in that initially and don’t think it is as important as fixing some of the key issues we have currently.


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