Do we need a wipe?


For a better structured universe?
For a proper implementation of beacon borders?
For a better resource deployment?
For cleaner planets, getting rid of very old but never again used builds/Players?

I have no idea but i am curious what the main Forum users think.
Oh and Maybe Show that this community can be mature. I hate having my threads closed :slight_smile:

And i have a 8kplot, 3k Hours build myself. So yea, Maybe if some fundamental game mechic changes would come i would say yes.

Nice Posts so far, Keep em coming.

I dont ask for a wipe, it is hypothetical.
The Devteam didnt say they do a wipe.
We are here to have a discussion About “What if…”…
To the People who dont understand that and grow all Panic mode…

What if there was a city where you could get a pre-made house?

I’d generally support it, as long as there was also some big changes to world generation or gameplay. Like NPC settlements and dungeons and stuff.

I’m more on the fence leaning towards yes if it’s just to reset everything.


I don’t think it’d be very good, for the people who have MASSIVE builds they feel really proud of.

That’d be a pretty hefty kick in the sack for veteran players.


Definitely not worked to hard


Nah, i checked; I’m good. No wipe needed here.

It would be interesting yes, but a disaster in general.


Definitely no. The game has already lost so many players from when it was released. A wipe would run off tons more. As far as removing old builds that happens anyway once the beacon runs out.


It would be interesting if we ended up with a whole new range of planets to start with… but that would be literally the only redeeming quality. I just moved my entire build and am still setting up… a wipe would leave me finding something else to do for a couple months while I cope with having to do that again, only having no materials on hand to do it with.


I say NO. I’d be sooo sad. Lol


Yes. Allow blueprints though to move builds like Trove.

Or give us private worlds. I dream of the day I can have a planet to myself and never have to deal with people footfall farming or ruining aesthetics or trolling. I could invite trustworthy people and build some great stuff.


“So the great oort giveth and taketh away. In the end all plots return to the server.”

Original tenet of the church of oort.

(this means no)


The computer says… No



LoL if that were to happen if probably take an extended break… Not sure if I would come back. Only way I would support if it was something extremely needed… like the launch of the game. :smirk:


I see what you did there!


Having t5 and t6 planets with plentiful caves to farm gems in would be great as opposed to relying on aoe hammers.

Some of the exos have been stellar.


The devs are looking to stream line some game mechanics over the coming months. Once those are in place and we have seen settlement stuff fixed much more than we have currently and a bit more work on the economy and some other key game aspects. I still think we need to move Exo stuff for general players off of Exo and onto normal worlds to help those people.

I’ve wanted one for a while but I do think we need a bit more work before the “wipe” would really make sense… otherwise we would be back to the same “game” we are basically playing now with the same “issues.”

I do see that some of the work in player levels and resources and builds should maybe be compensated. Even if people could bring over a set amount of items that might help. I’m not sure we need a full wipe from 0 for everything.


NPC’s? No, no way…
i love this game 'cause there are no npc’s ;))


I agree on minecraft fair enough it’s lonely on there lol

But Boundless there are so many people about it’s a community game full of players to meet if you take the time to do so. :hugs:


Yeah, no thanks.

Spent the last 7 months on expanding my build to a monster made out of 1895 plots, and I spent quite a lot of money on the Gleam Club to have it protected against world-regen for the next 11 months.
A wipe would make me feel like I’ve been scammed, and I’d ask to be reimbursed for the money I’ve spent on the Gleam Club.

Wether people agree on the semantics or not, the fact of the matter is that the game has officially been out of Early Access since September 2018. You don’t do server wipes for a game out of Early Access, especially if you provide paid services like the Gleam Club.
From my point of view, there’s not even a discussion to be had, there.


If you want to destroy half the playerbase, yeah for sure!