Do we REALLY need beds?

I’ve been thinking,do we really need beds? I mean,it
could help with a regeneration system,or a stamina system,or even a place to access skill points.
But would we really need them,as said before there will be many different races(6). While I’m sure they’ll be all humanoid,they’ll still be different sizes,both in length and in with. So the developers would have to design a whole arsenal of beds,that we don’t need.
Yes, I’m all for them for aesthetic reasons,but we still don’t need them.

for this i personally wants beds.

Nope, Ben went out and said they decided to let the heights stay basically the same for all races to avoid problems like this

so that shouldnt be an argument against beds.

For me it is also part of the RP elements, i would like for beds to matter, its obviously not going to be a time speed like minecraft but i think they could be done well, as i wrote in the rested exp post the best thing i have seen in that sense is FF14 where you get a rested exp bonus for logging out in a bed. Beds should be a way to encourage people to get home or to get to an inn or something to log off rather than logging off in the wild and not having a care (something that always bothered me about most games)


I actually didn’t think of that,a XP boost for logging out in a bed,I like it.
I think having it so that you use your bed to level up would be nice.

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Not flat exp i hope, like its not like you get exp just from sleeping but rather you get a ‘‘buff’’ (lets call it well rested) which allows you to get more experience from doing things (Using the idea that it is based on using things = master them, so for example if you get 10 sword exp for killing a pig with wellrested you get 15 (50% increase) and the wellrested exp would be point capped, so forexample being logged out in bed for 12 hours would allow you to get 100 - 150 bonus points, then have a cap around 250 or so (again just a hypthetical example))

But that is also one the only reasons i can see, as somebody said in another post ‘‘I dont want to be forced to sleep in a bed when im loged in’’ so i think that is a thing that should be avoided, which is why i talked about beds in a sort of ‘‘log out station’’ kind of way.

the example from ff14

Also we have some really cool Inns around the worlds and i would love if they got a practical use, so if you are far away from home you might go to a nearby city where there is an inn and pay a certain amount to rent a bed for logging off

another discussion should also be IF we have beds, would the characters occupy them? (personal favorite) or should they just disappear like most games? not counting the restrictions

@ben would it be possible to make a system where your character avatar stays and sleeps in the bed when you are logged out in bed without too much efford? also this ties together with a bigger question of ‘‘what do you plan to do with logging out in general’’ is it going to stay this sort of ‘‘poof im gone’’ way that it is now or something more realistic as keeping your character ingame?


Beds are a good/logical place to set a spawn point, that’s the purpose we have in mind for beds right now (not that we’ve talked at great length about them, it’s likely they aren’t going to be that important).


ooooo bed length is important, i’m 6"2 my feet dangle off the end of my bed this is a very big issue


No,I mean like if we have a leveling system…

I think it would be nice to be able access your “leveling thing” through the bed.


I like that idea,
It was a pretty neat gimmick in TES: Oblivion.
(Although I mostly just killed a hobo and slept in his sleeping bag when i had a level up :smile: )

Now we just need to know if we will have traditional ‘lvl-ups’ or if the devs have something different in mind for the progress.


I would like to have a small buff through using a bed (like the buffs known in most MMOs through eating a buff food). Also for spawn points they are good. I just hope they will not be just semi decorative standard beds, but I’m sure the devs will be creative like with most of the stuff already in game :wink:

I’d like to see if Oort can break the “respawn in bed” cliché. Much effort has gone into Oort’s lore to make things technologically feasible rather than just write things off as magic. Borderlands does a good job of this with the New-U Station. For those of you who had not played Borderlands, these stations acted as checkpoints that when you died, your body and all of your equipment was molecularly regenerated and your conscious was transferred to your new body. You are a clone of yourself, and the real you is dead forever!! These stations also took a % of your money after every use, so as to pay for the “service”. Surely Oort can find a similar alternative.


I loved that system in borderlands,so if there was something like that in Oort,I’ve it that much more.
Ohhhh,how about a repawn “Oort shard” or any special ore will do.

“Special Ore”
Super mega rare
Can’t be bought
Is a one time use only time deal
1 ore=1 life
You only get 1/2 your life and stamina back when it used.

They also make fun of you every time you die, which is worth the service!


‘‘We hope you have learned from your mistakes, but we wouldnt mind if you went out and repeated them a few more times’’ xD

For spawning my personal opinion would be something like Cube World (in terms of aesthetic)

I think it should be something you place and then you can ‘‘attune’’ to it, meaning you will spawn there, that way they could be placed around by players and you could go attune to another players statue, for punishment im not quite sure, borderlands makes you lose money to punish death, but in this game we will most likely drop most of our materials so that seem like punishment enough

So i completely agree with you, having beds be spawnpoint is cliché and quite illogical (ARK does it despite being a relatively realistic game’’ i would rather see a shrine which your soul or something to so you will be regenerated once you are dead.

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Don´t you think such a shrine would be a bit too fantasy themed for Oort?

I think 2 of the most iconic things in Oort are

  1. Portal/Warps
  2. Cubes :smile:

and I think those should also be reflected in the respawn mechanic/point.
Therefore I´d suggest a special portal as respawn point:

2D for now because I´m lazy

The lore behind it (if you insist on something like that) could be that when you are about to die your belt (it looked pretty iconic in the player model teaser) automatically teleports you to your/your guilds respawn portal and due to the spontanous teleportation the “techmagical flux compensator” in your belt can only save the things you wear and not (all) the things in your backpack (“death penalty”).

I´d still like to see beds though. Either ( as @G_Sage already suggested) as “level-up” station or as a place where you can quickly regenerate your HP/Energy. Even if they are nothing else than a decorative element they´d still be great.


Dont at all think so, because oort is a fantasy game afterall. the general idea was that a sort of energy is what is powering the portals and titans and i wanted a spawner that remakes players based on that energy, so yours is also quite fitting.

I really like this idea,since Oort is alright about Oort technology stuff,so it make since that we would respond in a technology base thingy.

How is it fantasy? The devs have said that there will be no “magic” and that things like portals and the like are all left over abandoned tech from an ancient super advanced race long gone
sounds more like sci-fi to me
kinda like stargate


Sci-fi is a derivative of fantasy in that it is make-believe. The difference between the two is that the tech is “not known” versus magic.

Stargate is a good example of sci-fi gone fantasy.

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Without reading any of the replies, do we need beds in the real world? They didn’t exist once upon a time so no. We have them though and a good bed and good sleep can improve your day to day performance. So I wouldn’t think we neeeeed beds, but why the heck not right?