Do you have gamer guilt?


Hello, My name is Biv, and I have gamer guilt.

I get it often, and it comes from too many games to play and not enough time to play them.

Like this weekend. The Lovestruck event is underway. But so is the Division 2 demo and I know a lot of my weekend will be spent playing it.

On the flip side, Boundless eats so much of my time. I’m only at 50% on Spiderman. Only half way done with God of War. I have Divinity Original Sin 2 just sitting there, untouched since the demo.

Soon there will be Anthem, and Metro and Stellaris and the full release of Division

And that doesn’t even include tv, movies and YouTube.

There is an abundance of good and I can’t help feeling guilty that I know some will get neglected.


That beta tho. I forgot how much I enjoyed the division


I feel your pain. I was playing the Division 2 beta earlier and stopped so I could get on Boundless.

Also coming out is Cyberpunk 2077…someday


I am very lucky that I don’t play those kinds of games. Boundless has me all to itself :stuck_out_tongue:
Except when im out with my friends, then im playing on the nintendo switch.


Yup. I got an invite to Amazon’s NewWorld Alpha & I haven’t put enough time into it to give feedback yet. I can’t pull myself away from BL long enough. People are begging for invites and I’m kinda wasting mine.

I bought a switch just so I could play Smash…that was a really expensive 3 hours :rofl:

I have a few other MMOs that I’ve put a lot of time into and I feel guilty about neglecting them.


Oh, the poor, excellent, Dreams beta I all but ignored…


My biggest guilt is that BL has passed Factorio on my Steam. And Factorio is just too brilliant to not be No.1.

But maybe the multiplayer thing did it. I did STUPID hours on WoW between 2006 and 2012. Eve Online. SWTOR. Wildstar.

Right now there’s not much else doing it, for me.


I don’t know if anything will ever pass WoW for me. I had over a year of play time just on one of my characters, and I had every class but Rogue. My next is Ark; but there’s a pretty good chance Boundless will at least pass Ark one day.


In a word No. I have bought a lot of games from Steam that I have never played or just played for a hour, some even less and I feel no guilt.
My son tries to guilt me, you bought Subnautica and stated it, played for 15 min and have you played any more? No Why not? Because I don’t want to right now.

You bought 7 days to die and played it for almost a year non-stop and then quit don’t you feel that you should have stopped 9 month earlier and played other games? No, I was having fun, so why stop?
What about this game and that game and have you yet checked out this game I suggested, . Yep, bought them, have yet to do more than install them.

I tend to fixate on a game, play it and it only. Sometimes have done so for two years and that game only. Some I buy on early access then they add to it things that keep me from playing Empyrion. Spiders, they had to add spiders, realistic looking ones. Will never be able to play it. Phobic over spiders.
Want to keep me from playing Boundless, add spiders, I will uninstall the game and never play it again.
Can’t even look at a photo of a spider and not be scared. Told my daughter, who knows of my phobia, that the next time she put her nice fancy expensive phone in front of me with a picture of a spider she killed in her house I would 1) slap her in the face, hard! 2) smash her 1k phone to pieces, she knew better. She is 37, no excuse.
I tried to climb over my hubby who was driving to get out of a car while on the highway when a spider was on the outside of a window. She know better plus she is a social worker.


Haha, I just bought Subnautica on Sale today (and its DLC full price) and I probably won’t play it any time soon.


I bought subnautica and refunded just in time
Edit: not saying it’s a bad game. It’s novel, but got thin quick


Um … that post was more about spiders than games LOL


did you know you can make 4 posts while @Janna55 types


did you buy the Subnautica Below Zero? I isn’t a DLC, but a full game. What is now in it is just a part of it. The first game, Subnautica, is great. Watched my son play it from the beginning to the end. They started the second game from a year after the survivor escaped the planet with a research group trying to learn more about the original race on the planet. A whole different area, artic zone, that was not shown in the first game.
I’m guessing that the price right now, at !9.99 will go up when it reaches full release to $30. It will be worth it, they deserve to have great sales, they devs listen to the players and made a fantastic game in the fist game, now this second game will be just as awesome, I am positive in that.
Just has a lot of bugs in it. But they did state it is a work in progress and will have lots of bugs, glitches and the map will be small for a while.
I love the pingwings LOL they are so cute.


LOL sorry, tend to hyper focus on something. Then have a hard time switching back. ADD, so easily distracted. but when I do get distracted and hyper focus, I’m stuck there.


don’t know - 6 months ago - it was a quality game, but after an hour i realized it offered nothing new for me - just gathering/crafting?


Subnautica is great.

Seven Days to Die…isn’t. Didn’t stop me from playing it for a month. Addictive.

I usually have one obsession I play while playing others at the same time.

Before Boundless, it was No Man’s Sky. Got my retired dad addicted to it. It’s all he plays now. :slight_smile:


Move him over to BL


I would, but he’s an xbox gamer.


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