Do you have gamer guilt?


Wal-Mart? Not one lawyer would touch it, not even the big names in NYC, said Wal-Mart is too powerful and neurological damage is too hard to prove. We spent two years arguing, sending them copies of records refusing to give them ones from birth up to the age of 27, which is what he was at that time.
We did what they expected and wanted, gave up. No lawyer, no way to fight them, so he is now on disability. IQ of 147, school said he was slow, I said he was bored, forced a testing and the psychologist who tested him was furious, said he had a unique way of coming up with answers, NASA would love to have him because he looks at things outside the box. His love was and still is medicine.
We both have come to terms with our health problems, can’t change it so why let it get you down. I just let people know not to trust Wal-Mart on the medication, go elsewhere.


No, not really guilt, I play what I feel like playing. If there’s something that interests me more and is fun, why would I feel guilty for not playing something “worse”.


Yeaaa :rofl: There are few other games I could play more lol
I play Warframe if I’m not on Boundless, and then sometimes I’ll jump on OSRS.
But then I’ll see Borderlands, Fallout, etc. sitting in my library waiting for me to play them lol
I’m sorry games! :rofl:


I bought Mirrors Edge like, ten years ago or something, because it looked neat and it was on sale.
I have yet to install it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple other examples like this. I’ll get around to them some day, and if not, well, at least I supported developers that were doing interesting stuff, instead of working in the next “exact same as last year” sports games sequels / first person shooters / “open world” games.

No guilt here but I was born without a guilt gland. I have a third awesome gland instead.
(and a second one where the shame gland should be)


Gamer guilt.

Yes, I feel guilty for my 2 or 3 hours a day. It’s not about the games I’m not playing (when Factorio 0.17/10 comes out, I’ll be there). It’s about playing at all.

It’s the deepest part of winter here, I’m running out of wood, and I play Boundless instead of going out to cut and split some deadfall. It’s regularly -20 C out there, but longjohns, a load of heavy sweaters, and fingerless gloves keep me playing even when my breath fogs the screen inside.

The fridge is empty, but going all the way into town to get supplies takes some hours away I could dedicate to gaming instead. The pipes keep freezing and the drain is blocked so there are no clean dishes anyway.

The dog just sits there staring at me. For hours. No walkies for you today my friend.

Yeah, I got gamer guilt.


My obsession with Boundless started long before I could play. I checked constantly when release date was for PS4. I watched all of Jivitas videos and stalked the forums constantly. Now it’s all about leveling my 1st character all the way, make my shop feasible, and do hunts and other stuff with my guild. I also play with my kids because yes I bought them a copy. If it could only have multiplayer on the same console I wouldn’t have to split my time evenly between them. I do want to try Apex Legends since it’s free I just can’t pull myself away from Boundless long enough!


I can see if you weren’t paying bills or not eating or not feeding your family to play games, but guilt simply because you arent playing a game?
Seems strange to me.

I’ve been gaming since 1985 with Atari and the first NES. The amount of games I simply dont play anymore is probably in the thousands at this point.

My life would be just guilt nonstop if I rolled with “gamer guilt”.


I think one of the issues at play here, for those that experience it, is actually called Buyers Remorse.

As per wikipedia:

More specifically, the hypothesis of the “Paradox of Choice” is particularly applicable for gamers in the Steam age.


Only thing Im guilty of, is sobering up from EVERYTHING thanks to video games! [Cough… Skyrim… cough… boundless…cough cough]

Otherwise, nah I’ll eventually get around to the other “x” amount of games in my steam library. if not, ah well. The games I am playing/did play are obviously time well spent!

Neat topic @Biv!!! That was a fun read!!! Thanks for the smiles everyone!!


You really wouldn’t like Seeking Dawn for the Rift then. The spiders there climb the ceiling of the tunnels above you, but they aren’t the mobs you need to shoot. Hard to ignore them though.


I can agree to that.

For some people, they have issues dealing with their decisions; whether that be a game purchase or other life decisions. I just try and be realistic about it. From the highest of the high, to the lowest of the low, we’ve all “wasted” money on something.

My wife and I eat wayyyyy too good. But, I dont feel bad that I spent $100 on lobster when I could’ve spent $1.00 hot dogs.

I’m past the point of buyers remorse when it comes to video games though. You get way more entertainment value out of games than most other entertainment. You spend $40+ to go see a movie for 2hrs (2 peeps), or spend $40 to play boundless for 20hrs, 200hrs, 2000hrs, etc.

Edit: I’m talking monetary value and “buyers remorse”. I completely get that “value” can be subjective and up to the individual.


In the case of games I think what mostly happens is that, once the ‘rush’ of a new game is over with (or the hype from waiting for it to be released) people start seeing it in a less rose-tinted view, while the ones that they haven’t spent money (or time, or both) in yet, are more easily capable of engaging that fantasy part of the brain that makes it seem perfect from a distance.

The grass is always greener and all that. It’s silly, of course, but people are often silly. :slight_smile:

When people manage to break out of that endless cycle of unrealistic expectations - purchase - inevitable disappointment because of unrealistic expectations, the ‘guilt’ or buyers remorse or whatever you wanna call it tends to fade, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wildstar was awesome. Shame it wasnt more popular.


Maybe “guilt” wasn’t the best word, but I couldn’t think of another.

It’s not so much the “wasted purchase” aspect for me. It’s that I just don’t have enough time to get to everything that I feel deserves my attention.

I see my list of games, want to play all of them, but can only choose one.

It’s heartbreaking.

I pumped so many hours into Monster Hunter and Horizon: Zero Dawn, but I haven’t even touched the DLC.

Despite putting 60 hours into the Witcher, that never got the time it should have from me.

Always wondered if Persona would scratch my old school turn-based RPG itch…never even DL’ed it.



Sort of like;
when you invite a bunch of friends out to go bowling or whatever, and later find yourself giving one friend much more attention/conversation than your other friends? Not that you are meaning to give more to one person or the other, but that’s just how the night has been progressing. But not one of them had been left out at all.
So you feel bad, since the night out was your idea and you were the one to invite everyone. The night is waning fast, and the bowling alley will be closing soon. So you feel like you want to make it right. Make it more even for everyone before the night is over.

Am I anywhere close to your feelings?


Lol, sorta.


oooo man i feel your pain, i was on div 2 all weekend think i spent about a hour on boundless. im also in the same boat as you with divinity etc i also have these games just sat there gathering digital dust lol


What’s factorio?


Factorio is Cookie Clicker on steroids.

Factorio pushes all the buttons of engineering-type personalities and could cause them to abandon any opioid habits so they can have more time to stare at the screen of a game that done right ends up playing itself.

Oddly, I never hear people complaining about grind in Factorio. Maybe there are lessons to be learned somewhere. Hint hint devs.


Factorio has no mmo economy, no trading, no currency, no need to balance resources with grind and everything can be automated. Doesn’t really work in boundless :sweat_smile: That’s where the grind in boundless comes from.