Do you want to earn a special forum badge? Take a look to see how!


It’s that time again, we would dearly love to see more reviews on Steam. So if you post a screenshot of your review in this thread, we will award a special forum badge.

Don’t worry if you have taken part in this initiative before, you will be able to earn this new badge by posting your reviews as well (we know you can’t make more than one review, but maybe update your old one, re-review, to reflect the changes that have been made since then).

Please be honest, we aren’t asking you to fake a review (and write something exclusively positive), we are just giving you a gentle nudge of encouragement, to share your thoughts with the Steam community.

New Boundless Reviews after updates 2017
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Oh, great. I was actually going to write one anyway, but now there’s even more reason to. I was waiting to gather my impressions beforehand.

Out of curiosity, what’s the badge?


Just finalising them now, this time round we will allow the community to vote on their preferred badge :slight_smile:


I was going to write more, but I just end up rambling.


revised my old review


I did it as well:)


In case you guys did not hear.

Looks like old backers are being cut out of effecting the overall game rating.


Yeh we saw, shame really but the reasoning behind it is understandable. All reviews, no matter if they count on Steam towards our overall score or not, are important to us and to those players that are thinking about picking up the game! :slight_smile:


I tried to give a different approach, not to the features of the games, but the way you play games. Will change it later on, when the tutorial system improves.




I’ll update my review soon.





Here’s mine. Very constructive indeed.


this is an effective way to get people to review the game on steam. and we all love the game so they’re positive:)


I know it says TacoRocket, but that’s my steam account for you :wink:


I decided to redo my review, but it practically says the same thing as before. Here it is :smiley: