Do you want to earn a special forum badge? Take a look to see how!


I have added a poll, with the badge choices, to the OP.

Everyone can vote and I will close the poll at the beginning of next week.



Even if they were I would still reward a badge, only fair that way (although I might be less inclined if it was a one line negative review, compared to a big chunk of actionable feedback).



updated my post. got a date wrong in the post cuz sleepy fingers XD


300+ hrs on record yay!


Connoisseur first badge was better than new variants :frowning:


(this is on my main steam account, I use the sharing feature to play games on my alt account to avoid swarms of people)


I’d like to reuse that shape (different colour though), but for something else.


It’s only one of current head shape from the game. You can also use others too :wink:
…or glyphs maybe


This is true, i will have to think of new ways to use those as well :slight_smile:


Love it so far. Keep up the good work!


Yeah, people from Dragons Watch, Pixel Gate, Therka Market and more have pitched in to help, which is truly appreciated.


Did mine, and thanks so much to the guys here who have been in and done some voting
on the reviews, I was a little fed up of seeing reviews from 2014 saying this game sucks and has no content as the top helpful reviews.


Thank you for all your hard work! you all are wonderful drug de-i-mean-game devs lol


Here’s my updated review:


I have awarded badges up to this point.

If (somehow) the badge choice changes between now and when I close the poll I will update those that have already been awarded.


I’ve noticed that nearly all of the negative comments on Boundless come from 1-3 year old complaints that are not relevant anymore, or from people who played less than an hour. That’s just unfair for Boundless. Look at the most recent positive reviews and we all have a ton of time in this game. I love it devs. You do great work and you’ll keep doing great work.:slight_smile:



hay guys … . technotard here. how do i take a screenshot of my review to post it here?


Windows 10

Type Snipping Tool in the Cortana bar (bottom left next to Start button). Snipping Tool allows to take a screenshot of an entire window, a rectangular area or freeform area. Once you get the app open, I think you’ll figure it out. Simply use the Snipping Tool to capture your review when you have it open.

Windows 8.1

Mouse over bottom right corner to get Charms Bar. In the Magnifying Glass icon, type Snipping Tool.

Windows 7

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool