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You can also use “PrtSc” next to the “Home” button on the keyboard to take an screenshot.
Open Paint, and “Ctrl + V” Save the pic and post it here. Or open Steam on the phone and post it here.




i just used the mobile steam platform:)


My first review of Boundless! :slight_smile:


my review


I have added badges up to this point :slight_smile:

I have also closed the poll, thank you for picking your new badge.




Here is mine:


I should check forums more frequently, hi Aidan! :smile:


Hi @CoTuK thank you for your review (and everyone else) :slight_smile:

I have updated badges up to this point!


It’s a little big :smiley:


I would post mine also but sadly am technologically challenged and haven’t figure out how to do it heh


windows key+shift+s will allow you to screen clip it directly on a PC. If you’re on a mac, I’m sorry.



I’ve been a little slow on the forums lately, hehe, but here you go :slight_smile:


Interesting initiative! Here’s mine:

best regards,
Silent Ape


Badges up to date as of this post :wink:

Thank you to all who have participated so far.


Happy to help provide the good reviews. All those old ones are about an older game, they’re not even relevant anymore.


Finally got around to updating my old review a second time. My opinion remains the same, buy this game!!