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And it is an awesome review. Really brought a smile to me face. :smile: thanks! It’s worth reading 6 times.


Apparently all It took was replying to it to make it disappear from my “READ THIS READ THIS” notifications. I mean it’s a good review, but 6 times and the blip is still there


Not sure if this is still active, but I’ll post my review here just in case. Gotta say I haven’t been this immersed in a game in a long time:


Just in case this is still active I’ve updated my review!


Also not sure if this is still working?


Might as well join the fun and post mine as well.


It’s still 2017 so you have a chance to get your 2017 badge. :wink:

Everyone up to this point should have received a badge for their review.


My honest review of the game, was too large for me to screen the whole thing, but hey you can read it on Steam ^o^



Anyone fancy taking part? We’re at 69 at the moment…so close.


I did one…


My review. First time I’ve felt compelled to write a review on Steam, in fact! I’ve only spent a few hours in the game but I’m really liking it. I have had the game on my wishlist awhile and decided after reading the forums and reviews it was time to give it a try.


It wouldn’t seem right to change that number…


Added a few reviews, seems like numbers are not updated instantly, will wait till tomorrow to add a few more :smiley:



Actually didn’t even notice this forums thread until a few days after posting the review. I felt inclined to review Boundless because the game doesn’t deserve the mixed rating it has on Steam.


Oh, just figured out that only reviews from users that bought on steam are counted :triumph::triumph::triumph: what a scam


This happens to be my very first Steam Review :smiley:.


Thanks for the feedback. Everyone up to this point should have received their forum badge.


Hi, here’s my review image.


Time until this badge is no longer available.