Dodge Bombs - Congrats to Orrian and Skeletor!

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Attention Citizens! Grab your Bombs and Broomsticks ! You Don’t want to miss the VIEWS !

A Dodge Bomb tournament is to be held Feb 20th (NOON CST), at the Storis Quidditch Pitch! Great Prizes and a Great Trophy can be yours!

As part of the Storis II Welcome Center public amenities, there is a new dodge bombs arena directly west of the Storis II Welcome Center. (Literally run West out of the building from any portal you exit, such as from Tnt)
Tnt - Storis II portal
PS Gravidias Te - Lacuna Portal

In respect to the nature of the Welcome Center, This tournament is for everyone. We will try to mix in some variations of dodge bombs in between Tournament matches, such as: Free for all- 4v4 or 6v6 and House Matches (No Gryffindor or Slytherin, but Diamond and Amythest etc).

Rules are to follow OBDBA Sanctioned rules. (Official Boundless Dodge Bombs Association)…If there are any…

Tournament rules are roughly as follows. - May be changed up to day of match-

No More than 12 Teams.
First Come First Serve. Can reply here to reserve your team seat.
Must be in teams of TWO,
Gem bombs only, no lucent. (Can BYOB work?) Forged Bombs available on site.
Last team alive wins the round.
Best 2 out of 3 rounds.
Single Elimination.

  • Darkhorse / winner of losers bracket brought into semi finals of winners bracket.

Some Food and Brew restriction?

First Place Prize:1 Million Coin and a personalized Trophy!
Second Place … 1 SS Rough Oort
Third Place: … 1 SS T6 Forged Hammers. - Choice of either* Diamond or Sapphire

Trophy made by our very own Boundless Jedi and unofficial DB Trophy maker: @DJDancecraft

House Matches.
As tournament participants sign up, they may pick a “House” colored after the Gems* to belong to. Throughout the day wins among matches will be counted toward their house. There may be some matches specifically for house competition. At the end of the Tournament, Each member of the Victorious house will receive a Forged Wayfarers Totem. (Glow/Loot) or (T1 Excavation)
During House Matches, players must carry their color gleam block in their off hand at all times. Fill all wheel slots with a gleam block.

Citizens not in the tournament can sign up under any house and participate in house matches. Must sign up within first 30 min of match start…

Players not affiliated with a house may participate in any of the big team matches and Free For All matches.
Non-Affiliated players may participate in house matches ONLY to even out team numbers. Please respect the Tournament official and change teams if asked. A single odd person is acceptable…

These rules are subject to change based upon public discussion. Let me know what you think and have experienced with hosting a match.

1: Aray900 / Guild Mate
2: Bethlehem / Spoodle
3: Lorelie / RooRoo
4: DJDancecraft / Oorteesha
5: Baeslayer / Pama
6: JDGroat / Apt
7: Lunai / Free Agent*
8: Dubbanz / Partner
10: Skeletor/ Orrian

Will randomize bracket after registration.


We can bring our own forged gems bombs?

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Noob question: What is Dodgebomb? Lol

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Dodge bombs is a sport where you try to blow the ground out from your opponent, until they fall in lava.

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Brilliant! Ty :grin:

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Yes you can! I know other tournaments have restricted players to provided bombs… Im sure there’s a good reason but I don’t know. I figure we can give it a shot and see how out of balance it is. I’ll have sets of official bombs if we need to switch.

@RobZadouch It really is a brilliant Game invented by @Orrian (im pretty sure) It involves a sandwiched group of “wild” plots* being used as an arena. The top is owned and cleared, the bottom is a floor of lava (or not), and the middle gets blown to bits by the opponents as they hop, No grapple, and panic their way to victory or death. There are a few cool arenas out there, and I wanted to get in on the fun.

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I’m guessing it’s due to the stats, Topaz/Amethyst bombs can have an extra meter blast radius compared to Sapphire/Ruby and 2m compared to Diamond/Emerald bombs. Since you’re fighting to remove ground below the enemy player, removing more blocks per bomb is an advantage.

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That would make sense. I was thinking Diamond and Emerald would be op because of higher damage, aand possibly being able to follow through with the removal of it’s full blast radius. Like Lesser damage would leave more blocks half damaged.

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damage prob wouldn’t be an issue if you have enough damage boon levels… unless the stadium is at a T6 world or something xD

I think more along the lines of I can max forge bombs, 10 damage, 10 action speed or range and 10 bigger boom. Others might show up with half those stats.


Also knockback :smiling_imp:

Doesn’t work on citizens D: BUT IT WOULD BE AMAZING/BRUTAL IF IT DID!


“performance enhancers” like with the Olympics :rofl:


I’d suggest having unforged bombs for everyone one. I’m pretty sure people brought forged blink bombs before which would put others at a huge disadvantage. Just saying. Definitely going to check it out though.


Sooo can I bring Forge a rift Bombs with a 10 meter radius Mwahahahaha


Im sure we can set up a round for Lucent bombs… It might be a quick match…and everybody might lose lol


I would suggest regulation bombs for the main match, or it will become a competition of who bought/ forged better bombs rather than any actual DB skill, and it could discourage non-forgers or ppl short on coin from attending.

not being able to 1-hit blocks when others can is a huge disadvantage (3-hit with low skill or cheap bombs would make the game insanely long)

I had best experience with unforged sapphire / ruby ( identical in terms of block destruction and can 1hit on a T3 planet ), or you can use silver on Storis (t1-2), these have 3m radius and are ideal for a medium length match

if you want some equipment variety, let players use augments instead


About how long did the matches last?
How many bombs did you have at the ready for regulation bombs?
What was the difference in length of a match of unforged / forged bombs?
Do you think the disparity between only Gems bombs is enough to turn people off?

I was really hoping the opportunity to make something yourself and make something better than your opponent, would entice people. For those that cannot forge there are forged gem bombs available at the arena. I figured if @Bethlehem brought her max forged Amethyst bombs and I had my max radius diamond, I would at least have a fighting chance.

What are all the bomb augments?

relevant augments for DB are t3 damage - they make sense if bombs used can’t 1 hit blocks at max skill
and t3 radius - that makes a big difference in the late stages of a match when you are trying to hit the player rather than just spawning bombs

there could be a rule that you can pick which aug you want and be allowed to use 1 stack of just that type per match

with a regular size of arena, 1 bag of gem bombs should be enough for 3 rounds ( advantage of unforged is that you have nearly unlimited supply with very little bother)

matches where there are no limits on bombs (byob) last a few seconds for pretty much everyone except the last 2 players, and can cause game crashes

same as there is the ‘best’ skill set for DB there are ‘best’ bombs. anything other than that will give you a significant handicap, because sooner or later you will get an opponent who has the best skills and bombs and will most likely lose. Boundless isn’t balanced in a way that you can pick different gear and skills for different DB play styles. there’s the best and the rest. that’s why we go for regulation bombs…


Tonight i’ll have to try some unforged bombs. Maybe i’ll just spend some time destroying the other side. See how long it takes with each type… If somebody wants to stand on the other side…i won’t stop you :wink:

Does anybody have Silver bombs for sale I can grab tonight? otherwise i can make my own easy enough…

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