Dodgebomb: What Is it? (Interview With DJDancecraft of EZPZ)

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I’m very pleased to say I’ve finished the Dodgebomb project, a video where I interviewed Dj Dancecraft on the past, future, and basic tips in the realm of Dodgebomb! I would like to thank @DJDancecraft for being amazing during the interview process and huge shoutout to EZPZ for being such a wonderful guild! Hope you all enjoy this new content and I highly suggest you all take your time out to watch this 3 minute interview.


Amazing editing job on this! gonna be a while before I have the patience to edit like that :rofl:

Hopefully we can bring some more players into dodge bombs! I know many people haven’t played before so maybe we can educate them on what it is!


DJ is awesome and puts on some great Dodge Bomb competitions. He is also my long-lost son.

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I will never forgot the clip when a wildstock kicked You out in the sea…
Good luck.

Was kinda bummed it was kinda short.

I would like To see you taking some of the old players and interview them about boundless.
Theres many things that have changed after early access and even launch
Like state of it etc.

Ill add this here… Its not there anymore, but its kinda what i was aiming… All those players are At least early access players that i “interviewed”.