Does Anyone Sell Cheap Lower Level Forged Goods?


Yea I absolutely agree with everything you’re saying. At this point we’re sitting at a nice spot so I feel like its a good time to get something started, there will certainly be some costs ate when it comes to forging materials but also I try not to do top end. Get the buff I want, if I can get a lvl up on the boons on the next couple moves I do but if not I fold.

We have a clearance kiosk for forging gone wrong and things we don’t need next to the forge and working on supplying my food and brew house next to that.

The heavy grind is a fun part about this game :wink:


What price range is considered cheap for lower level tools? Can anyone give any hints on what sort of forges at what prices you’d ideally like to see?

E.g. i have some nice 3x3 silver shovels that are great for T3s and below. High durability too so priced at about 7k, which is about a quarter the cost of similar gem tools… but i have no idea if that is the kind of cheap we’re talking about.


for iron i’m thinking that the tool itself is only worth 50 coins each, but the forging parts are worth a little bit more. The low end forging liquids are pretty decently cheap. So I did have trouble selling stuff for more than 4k when I tried selling iron forged stuff. But I think it should be worth that much, since there is a time and matter of luck involved.

not sure how silver or gold is for pricing. Gold fist are worth 10k when they have great forge stats on them.


Currently a 3x3 AoE titanium shovel, with random boon is worth 5k and don’t think it goes any lower.


Yeah thats what im getting at… whats “random boon” actually mean?

Im guessing AOE is the main appeal, but do people want the power/speed/durability/autoharvest with it too? And if so, how much? Are the silver ones i mentioned overkill? Would lower power and less durability for lower costs be better?

Does anyone have an example of a tool they have found that they like they could share?

Im sure I could make plenty, just not sure exactly what we’re asking for.


Or even just some examples of what you want to do with the tools. Eg. “I want to harvest ash on T3 worlds cause i need sulphur”.

That to me means “3x3 AOE shovel with decent damage”.

Or… “i want to dig a big hole at my t1 settlement, or harvest peaty soil etc.”… means 3x3 with low damage/high speed & durability.



Iron bombs for Regen are good, but gem tools are actually easier to aquire than the forge ingredients that make them great. I wouldn’t consider ever forging below titanium level. Coins are nice, but the greatest resource in this game is time. People will give you a sweet hammer or whatever you need if you can save them time, like bring spicy beans and fibrous leaves and other nice ingredients. Chances are, most high level players are carrying around some good tools, so just carry a stack of nice things with you and flag people down for trade


I sell forged items, I think they are cheap, but I also buy many things to help the customer pay that price



I rolled a new alt over the weekend and was looking for low level / cheap AOE tools.

If you go to little Japan, there’s a store called the forge. Sells [quirky] forged tools. Quirks are actually not too bad to be honest. I got titanium 3x3 hammers and 3x3 axes titanium from there. As a new low level character [level 10] the tools were perfect on tier 1 and tier 2 planets as you can swap your character skill points as often as you want for free up to level 20 anyway so I spec’d hammer mastery etc to compensate for the -dmg on the hammer and axe to compensate the same when using the axe.

Hammer was 2’200 and axe was 3k — Bargain


Original Forgeries is a Forge shop and sells 3x3 AoE tools for 12999c.

Also titanium ones for 2099c!


Well, Original Forgeries sells high end gem tools with 3x3, durability and are T6 1 shot capable and are being sold for 12999c.

Titanium 3x3 tools with extra damage, random 3rd boon and sometimes 1 or 2 quirks are being sold for 2099c

So 7k isn’t exactly cheap :wink:

How does 2099c sound for titanium 3x3 tools? :slight_smile:


It’s sound like you’re selling at loss :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I would love to see your forging method :wink:


Check out The Golden Fist (PS Grovidas Tell, Ultima Hub) we have some fists, hammers, and light/autolooters priced really low (less than 1k) to attract more lower level customers. More coming soon too


Like TameJames mentions, it attracts low level customers who later on will buy my high end stuff, and, I don’t sell at that much of a loss since I use much cheaper forge mats for these :wink:


Yeah thats the same question im asking again. Those ones i mentioned are tailor made to do exactly the purpose, as far as i understand the mechanics.

Silver tool, chosen purposefully for the speed and less energy drain, with exactly enough damage to one shot up to t3s, 3x3 AOE, and max durability, with no quirks/defects. Literally tailor made for the purpose. Its not a simple forge, and its not random luck, and i do believe you cant get much better for the purpose in this game. So yes they are not 1000c…

but thats what i was asking, is that overkill?

From what you are saying, it sounds like there isnt a need to be quite that fussy to min/max and the best possible for the level isnt a key consideration. And thats cool, i can see how i might be over cooking it. i just want to know what it is exactly so i can make some that fit what people are after. If “good enough” with randomnesss thrown in is all we’re after, then i can have plenty available cheap tomorrow.

Not trying to say any is better than any other, again thats up to peoples needs and i can work with that. just trying to understand and cater to what people want. Ill be doing the ones i like anyway, but can do plenty others too.


If it helps i have max damage gold fists with 85% crit chance and 145% crit damage up for 1500c. I also got a durability defect and that sucks in my eyes so im not going to ask the usual thousands for something i know i can do a lot better on. Im not overpricing and catering just to the high end, but im also not trying to advertise soley on prices right now, just want to understand what “cheap forging” actually means so i can make things people actually value and use.


Save 1 for me bud!



Cheap is good. Flood the market with adequate forged hammers!


Sero’s shop has cheap regen bombs as well as 3x3 hammers lower on damage in that price range