Does this count as Griefing?

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There’s two settlements (one part of a twitch group) that were near each other but weren’t expanding into each other, and someone, who was not part of either settlement, came along and threw down 720 plots in one day, forcing us to merge, and taking up most of our expansion space. Is this griefing?

We are looking for what can be done instead of having to fight daily to change the name of the settlement.

We understand the name of the game is to grow your property and make the most coin due to footfall, and as well as to have the most property and become #1 on the planet for extra bonuses, but this person came out of nowhere, connected to the #2 town and then connected to surrounding towns by claiming as much-land possible where people cannot expand or grow forth.

We hesitate to do anything more than ask, but since it’s not ‘technically’ affecting any one-person it is making it difficult for changing signs, portals, themes and so on. And the individual in question whom merged the two settlements has contributed nothing to either location aside from some laid stone across a water gap.

Griefing is a player-made concept. The game allows it, so officially, it isn’t griefing. So if you think that by posting this, the devs are gonna do something, you’re wrong. It sucks, and hopefully a workaround is gonna come real soon, but for now there’s nothing anyone can do.

You just gotta talk to the guy politely, but that’s probably not gonna work so yeah, you guys are screwed lol.

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I think there was an underestimation about how much people wanted to roleplay in this game, to create iconic cities, with unique identities, and never be bothered with prestige wars.

Whether or not this is “griefing” doesn’t change how badly it impacts your enjoyment of the game, and I want you and others who find that identity important to’be able to experience the game how you most enjoy it.

I think this should be a priority, or the main servers could lose even more people to the private servers someday when they release.


“You guys are screwed lol” – I shouldn’t have to join a game spend hours and weeks on building up something, streaming the hardwork for some troll to come in, drop 720 plots to just cause problems for anyone who has done so much work…

We have been advertising, promoting the game to viewers of our channels, our twitch stream teams, and have several partners on Twitch now involved in the community of that growing settlement-- only to have some troll come in, and do what they did for “Footfall” traffic.

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You’re right, you shouldn’t. That’s why I said you’re screwed until the devs come up with a system that allows you to opt out of settlements.

For now, all you can do is talk to the guy which is pointless, because he obvs did it on purpose. The other thing you can do is wait, maybe his beacon will run out of fuel without him noticing it.

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Talk to the guy, be nice, he might surprise you.
Report his beacon, the devs are judging these issues by a case to case basis.


Thank you @CosminNegoita, @Hazir and @Etcher for your kind words. :slight_smile: I have reported the character in game, but I am curious for documenting purposes and incase anyone else runs into this issue-- if this is a form of griefing.

Whether the guy did it to help, to hurt to be mean, or be helpful-- friendly griefing is also a thing. I just am unsure on how to reach the person-- they obviously are playing after our communities have gone to bed, or work-- but it’s hard to reach out–if no one has heard of him. Not like I can send a whisper for an offline message-- Mailbox’s I haven’t seen as a thing in game yet.

These have been suggested, we definitely need mailboxes! haha


you could put a sign close to where his plots connect to yours politely asking to communicate about this… I think that’s your best option next to running into him when he’s online.

but yes, mailboxes are desperately needed!

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And we need to be able to dance on top of them…

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there is another thread discussing this and James has made it clear that there is some fixing in the mix that will help all future boundary issues.

let’s build Goldshire :grin:

Or you could of just talked to me…before assumptions, accusations, and knee jerk reactions. Issue resolved once one person from an entire city took the time to communicate. You have your DMZ.

I don’t feel this is a joke. Its more like that guy don’t want to build his own town to compete the capital.
So he decide to spend real money to buy his “convenience” (plots) to merge both towns and take over the warden.

This is really really selfish behavior play style in any case.

720 plots is nothing for some rich players.

Recently our town is compete with other group who can increase average 1m / week.
And i think they only have less than 10 people in the town.
You should know how much plots they have / person lol

Even the Portal seekers Grvidas Te major city, they don’t increase the prestige in this speed.
Only 1.5 weeks they have almost 2m prestige.

I totally understand your feeling,
Also i really hope Dev can fix this issue as soon as possible.

I guess you must feel you build a free town for someone u don’t even know.
If one of our town get merged i will be very upset as well.

Maybe try to ignore this issue for couple days or weeks.


You guys can pick up a good spot first, and start building the new town.
Once everything settle, if you want the revenge, destroy everything at one night, and move to the new town to have restart. There is nothing wrong if you want to destroy your own town :slight_smile:.
So that guy will waste his 720 plots and materials and times as well.

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Just putting this out there…but most of these responses immediately assume he is just a griefer without having communicated with the player, unless someone can see him/her mwahaha-ing in a corner and rubbing his/her claws together.

We don’t know his/her story. Please don’t make another person to be a bad guy without getting all the facts. He/she COULD be a griefer, and he/she also COULD be a guy/girl that just want to be part of a community and wants to help out with town. Jumping to conclusions can create a toxic atmosphere…which I’m sure hurts everyone equally.


Or maybe the assumed guilty player starting with a plan only to be sub-summed by a nearby city. Then thought being taken in is just part of play and followed suite. Now they are taken by your suggestions, moving to the nether. All it would take to correct was for one member of an entire city to talk a singular adjacent player as they purchased their goods and used their services. Sad really because I admired their city, my adjoining plots returned pushing to the original design. The only waste was time due to lack of communication, assumption of bad will, and impatience.

Communication won’t work if some people refuse to talk. (not you in this case)
You should asked them first before you spend 720 plots to merge two towns.
If you know how tired to increase the prestige to compete the warden in this game everyday.
(Basically you can only build and gather gleam everyday and can’t do other things lol)

I suggested them move because that will be less pain to do that.
Or they will choose to quit the game which you will never see their design in the game anymore.

At least now you can still find their city in other place.

My suggestion for you will be communicate to the group you want to join first, it will make you avoid conflict and misunderstanding.

I know you just play the game by followed the system, but its how you respect people for their hard work.


Appreciate your feedback. I agree on many points and even admit to being in-efficacious in communicating, given my optimal time of play. My only defense is that was new to the game when the members of Taco Land subverted my own hamlet name (I’ve never played Mine-craft or building games in general until a friend referred me to this game). I decided that it was part of play instead of being bitter. I spent much time in that city yet know one broached me; I really did not think I was punching protocol. Up until the last moment when a Taco Land citizen talked to me asking me to pull back plots yet that they were still intending to leave (which i did). I’m still confused on their reaction…

What I can be for sure is that the mechanics of Borderless is not border-less. I look forward to implementation of more effective tools to manage ownership and communication so that situations like this are mitigated.

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I totally agree with you, and even someone mean to merge other city they don’t do the wrong thing as well.
They just play by following how the current system works.
But this kind of behavior is really annoying other people in this community, so yeah let’s wait until dev fix this issue. I think they already find out the solution which they mention on the post.

This why i gave them 2 suggestion, first one is stay and leave this issue for weeks or leave the town.

I think they chose the second one which is understandable as well.

Its way too much pain once 2 settlements are way too close.
If one guy like you can pop up to force 2 settlement to merge. It means anyone in the future can pop up to do the exactly same thing to them again.

So don’t take this too personal, and you can still find more people to join your project or join the other one settlement near you.