Dose anyone know exo only colors for everything?

So I am working on something and I need some help knowing what are like all the exo/gleambow only colors like… Rock, sand, gravel, wood and so on. and I am on my phone so some things I can’t do or pull up till further notice. So any help would be amazing and thank you in advance :heart:


I don’t know how up-to-date it is lately, but boundlessinfo’s world-control should be a good starting point :wink:


Yes do know that but going through 255 colors for every block. Is impossible for me to remember every color… Unless you can click a button that only shows the colors that are locked I don’t know about?

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Are those all the Sov. Selectable colors I never knew about this been working on a excel to keep track of my gleam and grass that help a ton

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yep i always checking this when i want to know if exact color i have in storage is unlocked at sov :smiley: no idea how up to date is is now…

Can only tell the gleam colors

Shadow blue
Strong blue
Strong Cobalt
deep Cobalt
Vivid Cerulean
Vivid Azure
Vivid lime
Shadow green

Deep green
Luminous green
Vivid mint
Deep Viridian
Vivid Viridian
Shadow Turquoise
Vivid Turquoise
Bright Turquoise
Luminous Turquoise

Shadow yellow
Deep yellow
Vivid yellow
Vivid mustard
Bright mustard
Bright Taupe
Deep Orange
Vivid orange

Deep violet
Strong red
Deep red
Deep lilac
Deep blue

Luminous moss
Bright Azure

Sorry dont have the numbers yet written down. But thats the 42 colors that arent unlocked yet.


Wrote down the numbers, you want the gleam list by color group or in numbered order?

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There are a number of us with spreadsheets galore with this information. I’ll see where mine is and share it. Gleam is probably the one most everyone has.

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No I have gleam… I spent 4 hours doing that one :joy:

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I have been working on a website for colors that showed Gleambow, Exo etc. so I’ll focus on that this weekend and try and get it done.

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Oh that would be amazing thank you so much. I am no rush and I will not fully announce what I am doing yet. But I can’t tell you how much easier this will be for me. Thank you :heart::rose::star:

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Easy for gleambow, you can get them all.

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You know what colors you can’t get from Gleambow…

Grass Colors
:joy: :joy: :joy: :cookie:


I mean to post this here…

So after playing with the API I don’t see a direct way to pull and list Exo colors.

There may be a roundabout way of doing it by comparing a few things, but it wouldn’t be ideal. What is possible is just getting a list of locked colors for each item. Which I do have in a spreadsheet, but it’s a little old and the only real way of making it exact is looking at world control since none of the sites seem to have updated their list of world control colors.

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I think i misread what she was asking. I think she’s asking a list of which colors thats arent unlocked for sovereign for everyblocks.

In theory these are the exo/gleamvow colors even though atm you cant get them all from exoworlds and grass/plats from gleambow.

I used to to have a googlesheet with all color unlocked for every blocks. And i thia spreadsheet every blocks are liates so you would know which one arent. Is thsi what you are looking for @MrsStar ? If so i can only update it and post the link.


This is what I have basically. I was under the impression I could use the API to possibly do this. But sadly no. There is nothing defining colors as Exo Only or Gleambow.

What might could be done is compare colors that aren’t available with all previous Exos and their colors, but that still would not be too accurate because a color could be both Exo and Gleambow only.

Stupid edit functionality…

Anyways I have a few spreadsheets like that … I can however very easily make a list of unavailable colors on a website.

Isn’t everything that is not selectable on sovs gleambow / exo only? :thinking:

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What is Gleambow or Exo only colors is more the point…there is no way to differentiate what is Exo and/or Gleambow.

We can like you said though produce a list of unavailable colors though.

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