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Why when I walk through my underground base and it is raining there are areas where there is a sound and visual effect of the rain and in other areas this does not happen? I have the whole base with the same type of block of roof …


What does the layout of your base look like (in particular the areas where you’re noticing this)?


In the area of the first capture, the sound and the visual effect come out, in the area of the second capture only the visual effect, and in the third and fourth capture it is from outside the base, it is the roof of the underground base. They are blocks of decorative stones.


What are the separate coordinates for each of these two specific locations?


Capture 1: 877N 2.278E Alt 80
Capture 2: 857N 2.257E Alt 80
Capture 3: 885N 2.283E Alt 84
Capture 4: 853N 2.243E Alt 86


I forgot to ask, what world are these screenshots from?


The planet is Dzassak


A chiseled roof isn’t waterproof.


Wait. It’s not normal that I have mist and water drops in my house? I just sort of assumed that’s a thing that happens.


I think they mean actual rain, like outside, we all have water drops and mist in our houses, thats how we like it lol.


I do not know if it is normal, and how it should be or if is a bug, it’s this why the title with “doubt.” I do not like anything that being indoors, the visual effect is foggy and the floor dripping water, the sound I accept, it is realistic, but I do not like the visual effect, the ceilings are to stop the rain, I think …

A low material could filter some of the water, but a refined material I don’t think is correct. If it is normal to erase the thread, if it is a bug then I hope they fix it.
PSD: Excuse my translator English.


Your translator english is excellent!
Do not worry it is a good question if this is intended, since it looks like in a cave with all the water drops and fog ^^
Same in my house even two floors below ground with two 1 block floors above its dripping.