Dragon's Watch Revisited


With the help of @Jiivita I return to Dragon’s Watch.

Dragons Watch

Portal locations to get to Dragon’s Watch.


time for revival karokendo put up a portal at entrance aquatopia from therka
leading to the huge hub building in pixelgate so we can reopen the old hub
and there inside is a portal to dragonwatch to :smile:


Yes, let’s revive this historic town. Also working with @Havok40k to get his portal hub connected here as he was looking for a location on Solum. Also need to get in touch with @142857and see if they might be interested in connecting Fire Caverns to the town. Will probably need to do some planning on where everything can go. Some of the old builds should be going away in the next several weeks as they run out of fuel or if they are still active players they can come fix up their builds.


I’ve been taking a break from the game, due to personal reasons. Still keeping up with the forums. Just managed to refill the Dragon up to 24 weeks. So it remains, it’s all I can do for now.

I can also give access to the Dragon if you guys have any plan for doing something on the base.


That would be awesome then I could keep it fueled and be able to blend in the base with the paths and fix it all up.


hi dzchan94 i saw all your awesome builds please come back when possible would like to see more off them :smile:


I can login right now, contact me on discord or here when available.


Nice Vid ^^ Dragons Watch has a fair bit of sentimental value to me since it was my first involvement with towns. I’d love to help out where i can if you like =D


It will be a while before I’m able to get on. Stuck at work for the day. I will get ahold of you through discord when I can get on.


Any help will be appreciated. I have a lot of path work done. I do want to expand some paths some more so there are plots for people to build on. I’ve asked @Stretchious to help come up with some type of structure to be placed at the 4 corner intersections like he did at his new Septerfon village.


Oh nice… I’ll have to visit soon… lol i’ve spent so little time on Septerfon >< does it have a forum post that i’ve missed / what are the coords?

Anyway i have decent stocks of most materials and and lots of plots… though we should obviously keep as much of this under one character for getting the name back ^^

@the-moebius has me quite busy atm =P but i would love to help build just about anything when i get some free time… or at lest supply mats… i do love gathering XD


I did find @netkill in game and we worked out a way for me to get Dragon’s Watch settlement and he kept Hammers Rest. He was awesome to work with and show that there are good people that play this game and it has a great community.

Strechious has a portal and portal hub at his Septerfon location. He build a hug mansion on the lake there and @DonBab has built a huge replica Totem there. There is a portal there from Strechious home on Miner’s Bluff in the Room next to his Pixelgate portal.


never mind btw netkill love your base :smile:


I used to have a portal directly to there, with a view at the dragon.


@Dzchan94 I am home from work finally and will be available anytime this evening to jump on and meet at the Dragon. :grinning:


I’m logging in right now.


Meet you there


Path work is pretty much complete and Dragons’s Watch is ready for new community members to come join the revival.