Dragons Watch

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Sure I’ll add you to the road when I log on tonight.


New portal on the north end of town. Connects to all home worlds and all ring worlds. The face of the portal is always gray but it still works.

I think the portal has a bug but i’m 95% sure its safe!

Great mysterie off dragon watch (under water) found hidden room in my house lol

I was just curious. Is Dragonwatch still an active city? I spent all day tracking it down from my home point and it looked nothing like the videos I have seen. It still look amazing, the builders are far better than I am that is for sure. I would have never thought of some of the things I have seen there.


No Dragons Watch isn’t an active city anymore.


It’s not an active city anymore, but I’m sure it could be again, if you’re willing to reinvigorate it and get people to join you!


Thanks for the information. I love some of the architecture but I’m also very new to the game so I am still learning my way. I don’t even have the ability to create cogs or been off planet. Dragonwatch is the first city I’ve actually found.



How many people used to be in Dragonswatch? From videos I’ve seen it looks really nice, would like to work on bringing it back with spare time here and there. Only lvl 11 currently


Several builds have come and gone over time… I would venture a guess that in its height there were around 15-25 players active ish… enough that there was 1-2 players around most hours (if not more)

That was back when permanent portals did not exist… and coins had to be used to warp between worlds which were not renewable at that time either o.O

So players would come and go depending on their mining expeditions… since it made since to stay for days/weeks to make every trip count =)


That’d be awesome to see it back to normal. Going to go to Dragons Watch when I get home today, probably a long journey not sure


Last I checked, there are portals in pixlegate (in the small red pyramid) and in aquatopia (shopping center outside of Jeffs location shop) that leads to Dragons watch =)


Awesome I will have to first figure out where I am lol, I’ve wandered past Quien before so I’m either Northeast or southwest of Quien. Do they have portals there?


I think they have a few portals there in the main shop. If you have the compass unlocked, they should appear as a purple icon


Thank you, I’ll check it out this evening


So I’m at the Moebius plaza, how do I get to Dragons Watch?


Nvm I’m finally at Dragons Watch


Claimed land in Dragon Watch, really nice place.


Just for reference there are a couple portals you can use to get there… Fire Caverns and Aquatopia have one.


Thank you, I got there from one of those portals


I am new to this game but happened to pick Dragons Watch as my starting area. There seem to still be several active residents. Yesterday a neighbor dropped by, gave me a few gifts and left before I could say much more then thanks.

I built up on a hill by the town since I did not know if the town had any guidelines or anything and I did not see any players the first day to ask. There are several active portals in town. So you can get anywhere in a couple of jumps.