Duel Shield Wielding

Alright. so watching anime’s and mobas i noticed something i have never seen in an mmo. Dual Shield FIghting, characters build for tankieness who can take a massive beating but also beat other people. something i thought would be really really cool to try for this game. so it would be split in 2

Buckle Wielding:

Made for lighter armor characters and faster fighting while giving less defense

Shield wielding:

Can take quite a beating, hits slow but hard

Well just an idea on the top of my head, as a way to get away from the traditional fighting style, what do you think?

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I like the idea but I wouldn’t personally use it :smiley: but it would be unique and would allow many different play styles :smiley:

Sounds quite interesting! I just want to be able to throw my Shield Cpt America style


Its a very neat idea. Its definitely something you don’t see much of. I know if the option was available this is the play style i would go for. But he would need some sort of perk other than being an absolute tank with slow attack. If the enemy ignores you and just attacks other people than you are not very useful. Perhaps some sort of taunt that forces an enemy to attack you?

I am an advocate of all items being classed as being one hand items or 2 hand items and having an inventory/hotbar system that reflects that

or perhaps better yet; making 1 handed items weigh a % of your total strength and anything higher require 2 hands (or even be unusable with enough weight) that way as you grow in strength that 2 handed sword and/or shield could become a 1 handed item

The main issue with things like that is that it would require a lot of balancing over time. The significant difference between the common one handed weapon and a two handed is that the two handed is meant to deal massive damage in a slow but sudden burst where as one handed are intended to deal small damage quickly over time.
And dual wielding weapons instantly adds the potential to multiply your damage output like crazy.

This would mean that people of higher levels walking around with two greatswords in tow would be at a major damage advantage to those with lower strength who can only wield one or chose a different category of weapon that can’t match up in damage. With things like this it might be an idea to have people craft two one handed weapons into a dual wield weapon that has slightly lower damage stats in order to even this out a little.

Another potential would be to add a robocraft style tier system, where items will increase your item score/rating and that score would determine your tier so that people of a lower level are not as easily pitted against higher levels in pvp situations unless they are at just as much of a disadvantage in terms of gear.

But this would be hard to add to an open world survival sandbox mmo. So it probably wouldn’t be the best suited method. But it could be used to some effect in order to stop high level players roaming into areas filled with lower levels and just messing their day up, possibly having stat restrictions on some worlds for safety?

Those are my thoughts on the subject, I’m only using the term level as a concept to make my ramblings easier to understand. But that’s the gist of it.

i imagine some worlds will be pvp and most will just be PVE, so in terms of pvp balance it wont be too bad, i really do like the darksouls idea of dualwielding 2 hand weapons,it was done in games like wow too.

also if low level players head into pvp worlds they are bound to get killed

i dont think they have planned some specific arena pvp, i think that is up to the players themselves…

Yeah I’m not too sure how I feel about player levels (if there is even going to be player levels). With this mostly being a sandbox I’m not sure how it’s going to play out.

they generally stated on the site the ‘‘use swords, get more sword profiency’’ but i think you should be able to increase your gear tiers ,for example using heavy armor you get better at using it, and as you get higher profiency with it you can make and equip higher tier armors, in that way there will be a tier system but not quite levels.

If you take a look I said that I was just using levels to get my point across. I’m none too keen on the idea of levels for a game like this myself and it probably won’t be implemented.

i liked the system from the secret world. ever played that game?

How can someone get better at using heavy armor? :smiley: All you have to do is wear it :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m saying, they’re good ideas but it’s probably a good idea to try and work in some ways to stop people who do have amazing gear from just destroying new players who don’t know any better than to wander into these dangerous areas yet.

The idea of limiting items to pvp and pve is a good idea though and could work well with that issue.

I have not, what system did they use?

Have you ever tried wearing armor? Everything is torture to do when running around in those.

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i dont think you should limit it in any way, i imagine i might make a char for being a highwayman on the pvp servers, if it clearly states that it is free for all pvp servers then its their own fault. pvp servers might have better loot though to compensate for the higher risk.

That makes complete sense, but I was thinking more about the chance that new players will be placed into the game in a world full of long term players who may not be the friendliest. I might not be onto anything of major importance, it was just a little wondering I had. I suppose the best solution would be to make sure that new players can choose whether they spawn in a pvp or pve world with their new character. That way they can take the risk if they feel up to it.

no I haven’t :smiley: But you are right haven’t thought about that


in the bottom you can see a bar, there is theoretically no levels in the game, since that bar can be filled an infinite amount of times, every time you fill 1/3 of the bar you get an ability point and every time you fill a whole bar you get a skill point, as levels go up you need more skillpoints and ability points to increase your stats and get more abilities and quests starts to fill the bar more times.

all of the boxes have 7 skills. you need to complete the inner box for assault rifle to get the outer ones which are more abilities (who are all really cool tbh) but the abilities cost more and more, so the inner ones cost 1 or 2 AP (ability points) but the first in the outer rings starts to cost 24. 27. 31 and so on, making them expensive.

these requires SP (skill points) every weapon have a dps function and a secondary function and you can increase the stats in either one, after what fits your playstyle. but as you can see they get more and more expensive, first 1 SP, then 2 SP, 3 Sp and so on so forth.

you can see this dude have 6 points in his blood magic, so he can use up to tier 6 blood magic weapons (which is pretty high) but on the other hand he doesnt have alot in the other types, like blade where he can only use up to tier 4 blades, there are 3 equipment types in the game Head, major talisman and minor talisman, the leveling system for those works the same way.

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i think they will just make them auto spawn in a PVE world so they can build themselves up before they head into a dangerous area.