Durability loss on death


Yea… it took me a few derps before it sank in. Glad I could help with something ^.^


I do the same thing :blush:
I’m also happy with the death mechanic, impact damage just needs to be fixed which I believe I saw the Devs say is on the way?


im fine with the current death penalty, with this you’r levels are permanent and you keep all your items in inventory (expect the ones with durability). im sure it gets balanced to right % as the durabilities in tools as well at some point but the idea is good and not too punishing (if you play smartly or get lucky).

i still think grappler and slingshot should not lose durability on use, only by deaths.


It could be changed from% durability loss to lose X number of hits instead, that would balance out across the tools wouldn’t it?

So if a stone axe has something like 200 hits, lose 40 hits, but each tool has a greater number of hits as they currently do.

That’s the only criticism I’d make, otherwise happy with the penalty itself.


Jokes aside, I also prefer the durability loss over an XP loss, the current percentage might indeed be a bit high but small balance issues should be expected when you play an early access game.
An alternative/addition I could see happen is a partial inventory loss, meaning that you loose some% of the rubbish (stone,dirt,leaves,etc) a few% of the materials (ore,tech,etc.) and a tiny% of the rare materials (titan/monster loot, etc.) in you inventory when you die.


as a player of path of exile (10% xp loss per death) id rather take durability loss then xp loss anyday,dying and losing durability just makes you think twice before running around with expensive tools without healing,xp loss is harsh and can takes hrs or even days to earn back depending on how much time a person has to play.


Exactly. I have always hated that in games. Also, the durability makes sense. If you have on a helmet and a monster eats your face off… The helmet is going to take damage…


I hate to bring this back up but the death penalty on silver and above items is way too steep. I spent a large number of hours coming up with enough gold for a single hammer. It was a significant amount of time and work. I got bombed by a hopper on Vulpto while looking for my first gems and was killed. A single death and I lost nearly 20% life on my hammer. That seems really aggressive. Any chance that the penalty could be reduced?


My professional advise is:

Failing that, play it safe! No creature can kill you in a single hit, so stay at 100% hp. If you run out of healing items, retreat to the sanctuary or to a less hostile world and prepare more healing items. Death is harsh, but easily avoided with even the slightest preparation.


while i can understand the sentiment,

the irony is that the scrub in that meme has a helmet on. to protect his head. if he was gud he wouldnt wear such a god awful helm.

and, again, while i understand the reasoning behind it,

I had just posted earlier today in an unrelated thread this exact scenario.
went to vulpto with gold hammer at 20% loss because of one death. thats the equivalent of between 25-40 ruby…

there is already so much farming to do in game that farming meat and berries too makes ‘stay at full health’ just no.

we should be able to stay alive well enough by trying to avoid conflict, but that doesnt stop enemies from locating you and dropping in on you in caves or while youre mining or even your own home

perhaps if berries grew in the grass and we picked them up by walking over them maybe, but since you have to use an axe farming bushes to get enough berries to stay healthy, or kill animals and cook meat, which requires coal.

20% is a bit much with all of that taken into account. id would feel like 5% maybe 8% is more justifiable.

and while we are talking about vulpto, man can we turn the saturation down just a tad on the sand and exotic leaves … ouch! even on other planets theyre borderline eye-bleeders


Is there a bug with durability loss in smart stack? I feel like nothing in my smart stack gets damaged.


Yes there is a bug in that or exploit. Only the upper left, ere first square in a smart stack will have damage aplied to it. So if you make 3 gold hammers, stack them, and move the first hammer out of the first square to the fourth, no damage will be aplied on death.


Origin of meme is from Dark Souls, a game which punishes mistakes FAR more severely than Boundless, so the helm is not “ironic”, its the face of the protagonist. Only one scrub in this thread, and it is not the bearer of the Dark Sign.

Secondly, a loss of potentially 25-50 rubies mined is insignificant when a gold hammer mines nearly 500. If farming food is too much additional work, I advise contacting a supplier in your local market to provide healing products at a reasonable price. This is an MMO, after all.

Personally, I feel the death penalty must be too forgiving if so many players feel they don’t need basic survival supplies such as a weapon and health potions when visiting the most hostile worlds in the universe. Even from an economic view, how can you sell health and weapons if no threat merits it? How can you justify expensive gem tools when there is no risk involved with obtaining your own? I’d welcome harsher death penalties to gear, even as high as 50% durability loss.

Yes, this absolutely can’t be intentional. My vision should not be reduced to 3 meters when I’m deep underground below the storm above.


If you live on a toxic planet, there no farming involved. You’re already defending yourself as if is. Just place the meat in a few furnaces and walk away. You shouldn’t be dying more often than a stack of meat can be made. If you are, you should probably rethink living on a starter world until you get the hang of the game, or maybe live in a community where someone is always making health items that you can share.


gold hammer doesnt mine nearly five hundred.

you may have missed the part where i used the hammer to mine ruby and earned about 125 ruby from it, using it only for that, minus the death durability loss.


i live on elopor


you told me you dont go out and that you have others mine for you

so im sure you wouldnt mind it considering you stay at your fort building from what your minions have gathered


More than enough rubies to upgrade to a Gem hammer plus turn a profit at market, even after dying. I didn’t miss anything, I dismissed it as irrelevant and baseless.


every block counts when farming up twenty gold to make the hammer is enough of a chore and/ore too expensive to justifying buying more than very few from a market

and as such whether im mining ruby or titanium, the loss is too high.

you dont mine, so its w/e.


That’s 100% wrong, I mine on 3 different worlds with markets and bases on each. I have pleanty of experience in every facet of the game to know how all of the mechanics work. The one thing I don’t do is die frequently.